May 29, 2015 10:20 AM

Vehicle Smash and Grab occurred today in the Parking lot

A car parked along the far gate in the visitors section was broken into and a purse was stolen. I am reporting this to the community so that you will be aware of this safety concern. While this has been a pattern this year, and I have taken multiple steps within my control to mitigate prevention tactics, such as:

* Working with OUSD Police services to increase visual presence on the property.

* Direct OUSD Facilities Department to add new signs asking drivers to not leave valuables in cars; and letting the thieves know that we are monitoring the lot.

* I have reported these occurrences to the District Directors on each occasion.

In the end, the reality is we can not let our guard down. We must collectively take all precautions to not leave anything in the car. Even if you think hiding a purse behind the seat or in the trunk is safe, it is not.

I am truly sympathetic with both our desire to feel safe, and with the devastating loss of banking information. As we close the year out, it will be vital that you stay mindful of this alert to protect your valuables, even for a minute trip into the school.


Paulette Smith