Save The Date, Old Sport

TEN Jaegerbombs, please

Oops, we (Tina, Carolyn, and Deliana) did it again. The time has come to make plans for our 24th and 25th birthdays, respectively. This year - it will be bigger than ever.

Remember that girl you never made out with? Or that guy you forgot to bring home? Or the 15 jaegerbombs you forgot to drink? ... wait, that actually happened. Our birthday is your chance to let your hair down and unwind, especially after a dreadful busy season.

More details to come and an official RSVP will be sent later, but we will tell you this...


(We reserve the right to refuse admission if you fail to abide by the dress code...just kidding, but seriously).

Can't wait to celebrate with you all!

xo - Tina, Carolyn, Deliana

Birthday Extravaganza

Saturday, March 22nd 2014 at 9pm

Chicago, IL