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FSP does a lot of fundraising. Do you know where the money goes?

FSP is constantly raising funds in round-a-bout ways. We will never ask your child to go selling wrapping paper door to door but offering gift cards, dine and donate, school supplies, hot lunches, and spirit wear are all ways that we raise funds for FSP.

The money we raise goes back to the students and staff.

FSP provides funds to supplement field trip costs like the 2nd grade going to Pilcher Park, the 4th grade going to the museum, and the Robert Crown visit to Hickory Creek.

FSP provides funds to supplement assembly costs like the STEAM museum that came to Chelsea and previous Brainstormers assemblies that came to Grand Prairie.

FSP provides funds toward enrichment like the mural at Chelsea and the robots that Hickory Creek bought last year.

FSP provides funds for teacher enrichment like books that they may need for a program they are working on together.

FSP provides teacher and administration appreciation snacks, meals, and gifts. At the beginning of the year we brought in coffee for all three schools on their first day. At Chelsea last year we came in to school and made milk shakes for the teachers. At Grand Prairie this year we came in and set up a chocolate fountain with items to dip. At Hickory Creek we have plans in the works for a Sundae Bar. During Teacher Appreciation Week we go even further with a lunch and give-a-ways.

FSP provides the funds for all our big FREE family nights including: Fall Fun Night, Exploration Night, Family Fitness and Nutrition Night, Around the World, Creative Arts Showcase, and the Joliet Slammers Game.

FSP hosts two book fairs each year at each school. This is an event for students as well as a fundraiser. Students get the opportunity to search through a selection of books which may expose them to a new series or author they may like. We offer less expensive soft cover books as well as more expensive but also more durable hard cover books. The funds we raise comes back to FSP in cash and Scholastic dollars. The Scholastic dollars go to the principals and librarians to select new books for their schools. This year we have over $1300 going back to Chelsea, $1500 going back to Grand Prairie, and $1000 going back to Hickory Creek.

FSP provides the funds for DARE t-shirts given out each year to the 5th grade students as well as the staff.

FSP provides funds to cover costs associated with the 8th grade party and the entrance fee for the National Spelling Bee.

FSP provides the $500 Viola Lankenau award given out to a graduating 8th grade student as well as a $1000 scholarship given out to each of 2 graduating LWE students who attended Hickory Creek.

FSP provides funds to cover TIGER University expenses which may included the presenter fee or the raffle prizes.

FSP provides spoons for students who are missing one from home in their lunch and small snack items for those who completely forget their lunch.

This year FSP will be hosting a Volunteer Appreciation event. Some funds we raised will be used to cover this expense. We feel it is important to celebrate the extra time and effort that was given by our volunteers this year.

Finally, FSP has behind the scenes expenses. We need to pay a fee to be part of the official PTO organization. We have to pay a fee to have insurance for all our events. We have to pay a fee to provide the newsletter. We have a fee for our accounting company and a fee to the state of course!

If you ever have questions please feel free to send an email to FSP. Our e-mail address is

What's Going On?

FSP Meeting is this Tuesday, April 4th

Our next FSP meeting is this Tuesday, April 4th at 9:30am. Our meeting will be held in the teachers lunchroom at Grand Prairie. Please join us for elections and upcoming event discussion. Everyone is welcome to come.

Creative Arts Showcase is this Thursday, April 6th!

Don't miss "Celebrate the Artist in You". This event will be held on Thursday, April 6th, 5:30pm - 8pm at Grand Prairie. This is an event for all 157C district students and their families.

Students are encouraged to attend as well as contribute art work to be displayed.

If you want to contribute your art work to be displayed you are welcome to drop it off in the school office up to APRIL 3rd. Please put a paper on the back with the students name, grade, and teacher as well as a parent name and contact phone number so we can get it returned to you after the showcase.

Music and dance will be performed throughout the night.

If you would like to perform a musical or dance number please contact Corrie Gleason at to set up your time slot.

And "You're the Artist" so dress for mess! Students will be able to participate in activities to show their creative side.

If you have any questions please contact any of the co-chairpersons:

Lisa Podlesak at

Mandy Flores at

****Volunteers are needed to run our evening. Please think about helping out and signing up. Here is the link to sign up****

Dine and Donate

We have our last Dine and Donate event of the year on April 12th at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Watch for the flyer to come home right after Spring Break.

Thank You for your support all year!

Earth Day Donation Drive is April 22nd

Are you ready for Spring Cleaning? Start saving all those unwanted clothing and household items.

FSP will be holding a Donation Drive to collect unwanted items like clothing, bedding, towels, shoes, accessories, books, and small household items. Drop off your items on Saturday, April 22nd at Grand Prairie and we will take them to Savers to be recycled. If you can't make it on Saturday you will have the opportunity to drop off items on the 20th and 21st at all three schools.

This is a fundraiser and FSP will raise funds based on the amount that we collect. As always, FSP funds raised go to the FREE events we do for our 157C families and school district.

We will need some extra volunteers to help us move around all the donations. Please contact our Co-chairpersons Desiree Lavin (, Laura Blakely ( or Jeannie Simonetti (, if you are available.

Congratulations to the DARE Graduates!

5th grade students concluded their DARE program with graduation on Friday, March 24th. Here is an article about the event as well as a few pictures. FSP supports this program by covering the cost of the t-shirts.

Volunteer Appreciation Week

FSP cannot run with out the volunteers that help! Thank You to everyone that helped this year.

Volunteer Appreciation Week is April 24th - 28th. FSP is hosting a reception for those that have given their time this year to support an FSP event. An E-vite will go out soon. The guest list is being compiled now. If you volunteered at an FSP event this year please send an e-mail to so that we can make sure you are on the guest list. Include in the e-mail your name and the event(s) you volunteered at.

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157C Night At The Slammers Game - Friday, June 23rd

Tickets are on sale for our 157C Night at the Joliet Slammers Game. Tickets for registered 157C students and teachers are FREE. Come on out and enjoy a fun game with your 157C friends. The Joliet Slammers will be playing the Windy City Thunderbolts. Game time is 7:05pm. You must submit an order form even though the tickets are FREE. At least one adult ticket must purchased on the order form with any FREE student orders.

The information flyer and ticket order form can be found on the 157C website under Virtual backpack.

Payment will be by check to FSP157C. Orders and payment should be in an envelope, turned in to your student's teacher no later than May 15th.

Remind 101 FOR 157c Booster Events - Have you signed up?

If you would like that extra reminder via text the day of or the night before you can now sign up for the 157c Boosters Remind 101. This will include reminders for Booster events like Hot Lunch as well as Family Nights and Fundraisers. To get these reminders please send a text with the following: @157cb to: 81010

Hot Lunch and Smoothie Sales

FSP has Hot Lunches this month:

April 18th at Chelsea

April 19th at Hickory Creek

April 20th at Grand Prairie

FSP has Smoothies this month:

April 7th at Chelsea

April 21st at Hickory Creek

April 28th at Grand Prairie

Please remember to check your Rev-Trak receipts. All hot lunch sales will be done through the 157c website on RevTrak. No paper forms will be used this year. The Rev-Trak site will allow credit card or check payments.

April hot lunch and smoothie sales are now closed.

You can still buy future lunches on-line as long as you purchase them by the 15th of the month before. For example any MAY AND JUNE hot lunches or smoothies need to be purchased by April 15th.

You can find the entire hot lunch and smoothie schedule with the menus and booster that is sponsoring that lunch on the 157c website.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Appreciation Week is April 23rd - April 29th!

Thank You to all the volunteers that are part of the Family School Partnership!


Hickory Creek uses parent volunteers to take care of the much needed copying at school. If you are interested in helping out please go to the signup genius link below to see the days and times needed.

Hot Lunch Distribution SIGNUP GENIUS LINKS

FSP sells Hot Lunches and Smoothies in order to raise funds during the year. We need volunteers to help us distribute the lunches/smoothies to the students. The links below are to the SignUp Genius pages for each FSP Hot Lunch or Smoothie Day.

Regular Lunch Volunteers at Grand Prairie and Chelsea

FSP is no longer coordinating the day to day scheduling of regular lunch volunteers. The signup genius links for these schools are below. Thank You for your support!


Grand Prairie Gold/Green Lunchroom

Grand Prairie Purple Lunchroom



Grand Prairie Gold/Green Lunchroom

Grand Prairie Purple Lunchroom



Grand Prairie Gold/Green Lunchroom

Grand Prairie Purple Lunchroom


Next FSP Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, April 4th, 9:30am

10480 Nebraska Street

Frankfort, IL

Everyone is welcome to come to the FSP meeting. This is where we discuss upcoming events and hot topics. The FSP Board is always present as well as the 157c Superintendent, Grand Prairie Principal, Chelsea Principal, and Hickory Creek Principal.

Your input is encouraged. We hold two meetings a year in the evening to allow working parents to join in.

About 157-c Family School Partnership (FSP)

We are the 157c Parent Teacher Organization. We are non-profit. We provide free family events as well as parent support, teacher appreciation, assembly funds, and curriculum enrichment. All parents with students in 157c are encouraged to help us. We can only do as much as we can with the volunteers that help. If you prefer not to support our fundraisers you can always support us by donating to our un-fundraiser. You can do this via Rev-Trak under FSP.

FSP meets monthly on the first Tuesday.

School Calendars

Since changes may be made to the calendars, please remember to update you iCal file periodically.

April 3rd, 2017 Booster E-Blast