Canada Flyer

By:Lucia Rogers

Canadian Goverment

Canada is a constitutional monarchy and our head of state is Queen Elizabeth. But the Constitution limits her powers in government and she is just a figurehead leader only.The President leads the executive branch of government. In a parliamentary democracy there is a Prime Minister, who is elected as a member of parliament, then Prime Minister elected members of the parliamentary legislature.Canada is a federation and not a confederate. However, it is often considered decentralized federations. Canada member cannot vote under the age of 18.

Canada Environmental Issues

When chemicals from the factories join with water in the clouds, they form acid rain. High levels of Acid rain can damage or kill trees an pollute lakes enough to kill fish in the Great Lakes. Southern Canada experiences the highest levels of Acid Rain. Blasting and digging with heavy machinery causes the land around mines to be damaged and environment ruined. Canadian Shield contains much of Canada’s mineral wealth, including diamonds. Machinery leaves the forest floor compacted .Makes it hard for new growth to start. Citizens are concerned that logging is destroying the forest. Most timber companies cut all the trees in a given area, leaving large treeless gaps in the forest (clear-cutting).

Canada Environmental Issues

Canada map

This is the map of Canada that I made. It includes St. Lawrence River , Hudson Bay , Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean ,Lake Huron , Lake Ontario ,Lake Michigan, Lake Ernie ,Lake superior , The Canada shield ,Rocky Moutains , Newfoundland and Labor, Alberta, Ontario , Prince Edward inland,New Brunswick, Nunavut , Nova Scotia , Manitoba , Yukon ,British Columbia, Québec ,Northwest Territories ,and Saskatchewan.