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with Mrs. Frederickson

Spring 2023

Spring Update

Hello Families!

I can't believe we are done with the second trimester of school this year. I am so proud of each of your students. I have seen amazing growth in so many areas including growth in their social interactions and emotional regulation. It has been such a great year at Smith Elementary and I am incredibly excited about this Spring.
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What We are Learning...

We worked on identifying emotions and emotional regulation for most of the first two trimesters. That helped us transition into problem-solving and conflict resolution. Students are being taught S.T.E.P. for problem-solving situations.

S - Say the problem (without blame)

T - Think of Solutions (that are safe and respectful)
E - Explore the Consequences (positive and negative consequences)
P - Pick the BEST solution

Sometimes solutions have several steps and require a plan of action. Here is a plan of action checklist:

- The order makes sense

- There is enough time to do it

- It is not too complicated

- It is realistic

Problem Solving Song
Conflict...Conflict...Conflict! | Samantha Garcia | TEDxKids@ChulaVista
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Where We Are Going...

For the final weeks of school, we will be learning about Healthy Choices, Self-Esteem, Positive Self-Talk, Self-Care, Transitions, and Careers.
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Montana Mental Health Directory

Many students need consistent and professional mental healthcare. As a school counselor, I give support but I am unable to provide one-on-one continuous counseling services. The Bright App is a great resource for locating a mental health professional that can offer the support your student needs outside of school.
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What To Read Right Now...

Here are some great books to be reading with your students.