Ma Célébrité: Avril Lavinge

Par: Ashley Rahal


1. Comment elle s'appelle? (What is her name?)

Elle s'appelle Avril Lavinge.

2. Quel âge a-t-elle? (How old is she?)

  • Elle est trente-et-un ans.

3. Elle vient de quel pays? (Where is she from?)

Elle est originaire de Belleville, Canda.

4. Qu'est-ce qu'elle est? (What does she do?)

  • Elle est une chanteuse.

5. Elle est de quelle nationalité? (What is her nationality?)

Elle est canadienne et française.

6. Elle habite où? (Where does he/whe live?)

  • Elle habite à Canada.

7. Qu'est-ce qu'elle aime faire? (What does she like to do?)

  • Elle aime chanter.

8. Qu'est-ce qu'elle n'aime pas faire? (What doesn't she like to do?)

  • Elle n'aime pas le surf.

9. Quelle est sa couleur préférée? (What is her favorite color?)

  • Elle couleur préférée est couleur rose et bleue.

10. Elle est comment? (What is she like?)

  • Elle est sympa, intelligente, calme, et marrante.

11. Elle est comment? (What does she look like physically?)

  • Elle est grande et mince.
  • Elle a les yeux bleus.
  • Elle a des cheveux blonds.

12. Qu'est-ce qu'elle porte? (What is she wearing?)

  • Elle porte une robe rouge, et des bottes noir.
  • Elle porte un t-shirt violet, un pantalon noir, et des bottes noir.
  • Elle a le look mignon et élégant.

13. Elle aime quel look? Pourquoi? (What is her look?)

  • Elle aime le look décontracté parce que c'est génial.

Reflection Questions:

Can clothes determine who you are?

Yes clothes can determine who you are because if you wear bright clothes than most likely you are happy and ready for the day to begin, but if you are wearing dark clothes than most likely you are sad or mad at someone or something.

How do we use fashion as an identity?

We use fashion as an identity because if someone wears something nice like a suit than someone will be more attracted to come and talk to you, but if you wear something that is all ripped up and dirty than someone will not want to talk to you. Clothes are also supposed to give us a sense of security in presenting ourselves to society.

Should we judge people by the clothes they wear?

No we should not judge people by the clothes they wear because you should not judge a book by its cover and what that means is what someone is wearing might not really show who they really are.