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Dinner @ 6:00 PM Concert @ 8:00 PM July 20, 2013 at Historical St. Josaphat's Monastery of Lattingtown, New York 516.369.3171 or 516.869.3338

Saturday, July 20th 2013 at 6-10pm

1 E Beach Dr

Lattingtown, NY

Dinner & Concert begin at 6 PM

*Bring a Drum, Rattle or Shaker for lots of interactive fun!

Sita Ram (Lord I Have Come)

:::::::::::::::::: A NIGHT TO REMEMBER :::::::::::::::::::::: FOR YOU, YOUR FAMILY and YOUR LIFE

DALIEN, aka 13 HANDS is an ERYT500 level yoga instructor, Professor of Yoga at Montclair State University, Two Time Grammy Nominee and sound / healthy lifestyle therapist and educator who has been immersed in many styles of yoga, holistic health, shamanism and various sound / music based, healing modalities for over 20 years. Also a graduate of Hippocrates Health Institute, he integrated a living foods regimen that helped him put the finishing touches on a long journey of healing naturally from Crohns disease and other endocrine issues. This personal journey contributed to the development of yoga, sound healing, nutrition and empowerment programs that he brings to yoga centers, schools, social work agencies, autism, underserved populations, trauma | PTSD, domestic violence, retreat centers like Kripalu, Omega and other major yoga events like the world record holding, Yoga @ the Great Lawn in NYC, Wanderlust and more. His very specific protocols with music and yoga have been clinically proven to help people manage and reduce anxiety, depression and symptoms related to trauma. He’s spent the last 15 years bringing yoga, drumming and sound / music related programming, workshops, assemblies tied to drug prevention, bullying and stress management education to almost two dozen grade, middle and high schools in Northern NJ. His featured program, “Stress What A Mess” TM was awarded a Pinnacle Award in 2008 for Educational Excellence by SHRM (The Society for Human Resource Management). Additionally, he has had the honor to present alongside The Dali Lama, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Gary Null, Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, Amy Ippoliti, RUN DMC, Ani DiFranco, Laurie Anderson, Krishna Das, WAH!, the late Shyamdas and many other gifted individuals, authors, artists and teachers. Learn more http://13hands.com

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DINNER & CONCERT $45.00 RSVP: events@amyelias.com or 516.869.3338 516.369.3171 CONCERT ONLY $30.00

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