Bruno Mars

Biography by: Terri R

Early Life

Peter Gene Hernandez, Bruno Mars was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on October 8, 1985. He had 4 sisters and 1 brother and all of them sang. They were all in their fathers music group, Love Notes. Unlike most elementary students he worked 6 days every week. He started making $200 per show 5 days every week he started to make more than his teachers. While everything in his life seemed to keep going up his parents split when he was ten years old. With all of the drama and chaos one of the things that helped him was music it was a way to express himself. He spent so much time playing music that he taught himself how to play the drums, piano, and guitar.

Move to LA

After highschool at Roosevelt High School it was time to set up a career. He decided to move to Los Angeles and wasn't coming back until his career was set up. Bruno had a very hard start in LA frusturated that opportuinities weren't coming as fast as they were in Honolulu. However, that was not going to stop him. That is when he started writing his own

songs because most of the songs he heard on the radio were written and also usually ended up being the best songs. While he was in LA he was signed to a record label, Motown Records however since sucess wasn't coming as fast as they had expected they dropped him a year later. Sucess didn't come until years later ,but he tried his best to stay in LA.

Big Break

While in LA, a friend introduced him to a famous songwriter, Phillip Lawrence. Phillip took him to his studio to see what he could do. Phillip was very impressed and decided to sign him. Phillip, unlike most people in the music industry was very supportive of what Bruno wanted to do and gave him creative controls on all of his songs. Phillip and Bruno worked very hard and wrote and co-wrote some very good songs including Billionare.

Impact on Society

I chose this person because he is very inspirational. Unlike some celebrities opportunities weren't just handed to him everything that happened to him was because of hard work. He had to overcome many obstacles like when his parents split up. Another thing is opportunities weren't coming very quickly. This is a very interesting person because he is very creative and nothing is copied and pasted everything is original. He has a positive effect on people not just from his music but also the way he carries himself he doesn't just make good music and act crazy everywhere else. He tries his best to be perfect even though it is almost impossible to do so. He has an inspirational effect on almost the whole world, and he always remembers to thank his fans. While I was researching Bruno Mars I found something very interesting he had gotten a record deal and then was dropped a year later. In my opinion who would drop someone so great.

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