History of four wheelers

By Tilden E.

What is a four wheeler?

A four wheeler is an off road racing vehicle. It is a terrain vehicle. A four wheeler is a farm vehicle. It is an off road four wheeled vehicle. It is four wheeled drive. Sometimes it is two wheeled drive, it might be the front or back wheels.

Are four wheelers four wheeled drive?

Some four wheelers are four wheeled drive. Some four wheelers are two wheeled drive. There are some that are the front or the back wheels. Four wheelers are mostly four wheeled drive. Two wheeled drive four wheelers are hard to find.

Where can you ride four wheelers?

You can ride four wheelers on an off road track. You can ride them on race tracks for four wheelers. You can ride four wheelers in your back yard. You can ride them in the woods. You can ride them on a farm to farm.

When were four wheelers invented?

Four wheelers were invented in 1970. Four wheelers have been around for 43 years. There were 3 wheeled four wheelers. There were 6 wheeled four wheelers. Some four wheelers had 8 wheels back then.

How do you make four wheelers?

You make a four wheeler with an engine. You make it with a transmission. You make it with wheels and a suspension system. Brakes and a metal frame. You make it with handle bars. You can make a four wheeler with foot controls, if you want it manual.

What are the basic parts of a four wheeler?

The basic parts of a four wheeler are an engine. You need a transmission. You need a pair of wheels. You need a suspension system. You need a pair of brakes. You need a metal frame and a throttle if its manual.

What are all of the gear?

All of the four wheeler gear you need is a helmet. A pair of goggles. You need knee pads and elbow pads. You need long sleeves and pants. The last thing you need is boots.

How much do four wheelers weigh?

Four wheelers weigh 850 pounds (385 kilograms). Little four wheelers weigh 450 pounds. The medium sized four wheelers weigh 650 pounds. There are more four wheelers that weigh 850 pounds than 650 pounds. There is a little amount of 450 pound four wheelers.

How fast can four wheelers go?

Racing four wheelers can go about 100 miles per hour. Some other ones can go 80 miles per hour. The slowest four wheeler can only go 10 miles per hour. Some can go 60 miles per hour. Racing four wheelers are the fastest four wheeler.


That is all you need to know about four wheelers. Remember that you need to wear all of the gear to race or ride. Practice before you ever race four wheelers. Only do tricks if you are an experienced diver. That is all about four wheelers.