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Welcome Back!

School has started, and a new round of freshmen have joined our New Tech Family. Hopefully this first week will go smoothly and everyone can get back into the school mood!

Would you like to join?

Join the Newsletter staff

This will be (hopefully) the first of many New Tech Times newsletters. first we must set up the staff and think of intresting collums to have on our newsletter.

If you are intrested in joining the creation of these newsletters please email ______ and we will send out a set time and date, so we can meet up and talk about how this newsletter will be produced each week. If you're unsure about joining see Vanessa M. (sophmore) or Mr. Kraznoff. Look at the list below of traits that we are hoping the newsletter staff to have.


  • responsible
  • good at writing
  • good at interacting with others
  • editing
  • hardworker

First day of school

Monday, Aug. 26th 2013 at 9am

3030 Stag Rd

Dallas, TX