Pride and Prejudice

Critical Book Review

By: Kiara Erazo

Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice has frequently been considered one of the most famous novels ever written. Two hundred years after its publishing, Pride and Prejudice still remains a timeless classic. The book has emursed into several successful movies and has been adapted into a number of projects in the theatre. From its popular themes of love and class to Austen's clever characters to incorporate them, it isn't hard to believe the novels long lasting success!

The endearing story of the prideful Darcy and the prejudice towards Elizabeth Bennet brings the reader to a 19th century perspective of upbringing, morality, education, and marriage. The novel also incorporates the complexities of courtship and marriage in the higher class during this time. To add, Austen presents a simulation of the everyday lives of the high class 19th century in provincial England. Although for some, this may not sound enticing to sit down and read, Austen devises different techniques to the story line that sparks interest throughout every flip of a page! She does this by creating the main characters (Elizabeth and Darcy) with interesting personalities, Elizabeth having the strong and clever personality and Darcy having the shy and stern personality. As these two interact throughout the book, it makes for a good show and leads to a desirous love story.

Jane Austen truely composed every part of her novel in a unique way. The book is so much more than just the courtship of the two main characters. It educates and presents the great theme of love as one to work. So go on, read it and I guarantee you'll understand the joy it has been giving readers since 1813!


"Timeless Classic"