Mrs. Blankenship's News You Can Use

Week of February 22, 2016


  • Music recorder orders are due by Monday, February 22nd. A link to the order form was forwarded in my newsletter link email.
  • Mrs. Stevens, our room rep's Jackson Jam letter is also in today's email. Your support through donations is greatly appreciated!
  • Early Release is next week! Please remember that your child will be home earlier than normal Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Thursday, February 25th is Chick fil A Spirit Night!

Please remember that if your child is absent from school, he/she should access eClass for our nightly homework.

Curriculum Focus

Reading- We will continue our work with comparing/contrasting books within the same genre. I will be sharing non-fiction picture books next week with the students. The DG for this skill using the shared books will be completed by Friday, February 26th.

Writing- The students will continue to work writing from another perspective. This skill will involve practice in building writing stamina and editing for quality of work. There are no formal grades planned for next week. The students will also be working on completion of their Great Depression poems for Dr. Shaw's Social Studies grade.

Grammar- The students will be completing their semicolon grade either Wednesday or Thursday of next week due to Early Release. The students have access to the powerpoint review of this skill on my eClass page.

Math- The daily grade for the volume skill will be February 24th for the morning math class, but maybe on the 23rd for my afternoon group. I will play that by ear after I see how many of them retained it over the weekend.

Science- In science, we have already had several hands-on activities investigating chemical changes. We have learned about the triggers that cause chemical changes and how to identify evidence of a chemical change. There is a daily grade on these skills plus a lab experiment that will count as a test grade. One or the other will be scheduled for the week of the 22nd, but no earlier than mid week. It's tricky working around the Early Release schedule. Please check with your child to see what the date might be next week. I won't announce it until Monday since I have lots of planning to do this weekend.

Social Studies- In social studies, we've learned about the events that led up to WWII and are now focusing on major battles of the war, plus life in America during the war. There is a map skill daily grade scheduled for the 26th. Students will be able to use the atlas to answer the questions.

As a reminder... We will be learning about the Holocaust and the treatment of the Jewish people in the concentration camps. It is a sensitive topic that is part of our curriculum. Please talk to your son or daughter about displaying the proper sense of respect and maturity during our study of this time.