Elementary Educator

Kindergarten Through 4th Grade

Being A Teacher

When becoming a teacher there is more to it then just teaching the academics to the children, you also have to be commited.

- When your with your students 7 1/2-8 hours during the day you may not have time to work on lesson plans and grade assignments. You will have to devote your free or extra time to create lesson plans and grade work.

- Eventually, you might start to build a relationship between you and the student to where they feel as if you were their best friend.

- Even though there are guidelines on what you must teach, you get to create the lessons and decide HOW you want to teach it. No matter if it's as fun as a game or just taking notes, it's your classroom so you get to choose what goes on.

What You Should Know Before Becoming A Teacher

  1. Becoming a Elementary Educator requires a 4 year bachelors degree.
  2. The average Elementary Educator makes about $53,400 a year.
  3. Getting to know your student takes research and time like; What do they watch on TV or what sports do they play?
  4. With some students you might have to give them a little extra attention and not become frustrated at them easily.
  5. Once your in class after you just had breakfast and you need to use the restroom you probably can't just run out the door in the middle of teaching something.



Frequently Asked Questions

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