Someone Named Eva

Joan Wolf

How would you like it if you were separated from your family, renamed, and taken to live with another family?

Well, that's just what Milada had to do. One night, she and her mother and grandmother were arrested randomly, her brother and father were taken away by the Germans, she was brought to a school gym.

The gym was filled with people with blonde hair and blue eyes. The next day, doctors measured her nose, her head, and other parts of her. They determined she was a perfect German, and shipped her off to live with another family. She was renamed Eva, and had to live with a strange German family. She smells something disgusting only to find out that she is living right next to a concentration camp, which she later finds had her family in it. After the war, she is reunited with her real family, and becomes as close to her mother as she was before.

Should You Read This?

If you like drama, heartbreak, suspense, and stories of the Holocaust, I would indeed recommend this book to you. Be warned, this book does get sad, and hard to put down! Please enjoy this dramatic tale of the girl who was considered a “Perfect German.”

The Holocaust

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and people will believe it."- Adolf Hitler

3 Shocking facts

  • Hitler targeted the Jewish because of age old rumors about them saying that they were evil
  • The Nazis paid doctors to conduct fake tests about peoples race by measuring their heads, noses, ect
  • Hitler claimed to be Catholic