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Power of Yet

I don't love the word "LOW", simply not a fan. It seems like a hopeless place where kids sit and never seem to progress from year to year. I hear parents, teachers, and even the kids themselves describe their academic performance as "Low". I try to replace it with "Not There Yet". Let's compare it and put it into sentences.

Kid 1: "I can't read this Mrs. Frizzle, I'm low."

Kid 2 "I can't read this Mrs. Frizzle, but I will, I'm just not there yet."

In my one second review between the two, one tells me the kid quit and the other kid is still going to work at it, they have hope. I for one want kids with that mindset. The willingness to keep going, knowing that with perseverance comes rewards. Join me in banishing the word low and replacing it with not there yet. They will get there and together we can show them how.

So let's Kill a Word....another gym time jam :)

Have a great weekend.

Upcoming Events

  • September 13 Rise-n-Roll Orders Due
  • September 13 Ipads go home with signed papers
  • September 14 Picture Day
  • September 14 Vision screening
  • September 15 Ott Grant Deadline
  • September 15 Indianapolis Opera
  • September 18-22 Book Fair
  • September 20 Parent Teacher Conf/E-Learning Day
  • September 21 Mobile Dentist
  • October 4 Donut Pickup At Albion Elem
  • October 4 National Taco Day Fun! Dragons Love Tacos Day
  • October 4 Albion Elementary Family Day at Roberton's Farm 4PM-8PM
  • October 30 Section 125 for all staff

Next Week Trainings

Monday September 11 Seesaw in Mrs. Yates room

Tuesday September 12 JOT Twitter Training with Brian Wesson

*iPad Roll Out* & E-learning


We will have a letter drafted to send out on Monday about devices going home. The plan is for all devices to go home. They will go home on Wednesday for all students once they sign their insurance paperwork. Ipads are considered as vital to our students as the text books once were.


I don't know what that looks like....yet ;)

Mr. Morgan and I are working out the timelines next week with the hope of being able to extend some timelines so we make sure everything is working so it can be effective. So label it as TBA for now.