Prince Henry the Navigator

What happens at sea stays at sea.

Prince Henry the Navigator

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Prince Henry (The Navigator)

Prince Henry, The Navigator, was born March 4th, 1394, in Porto, Portugal. He is mostly known for his success in his organization of long voyages. He himself never went on a voyage but he encouraged and organized them in order for them to succeed. His first voyage was conducted and executed in 1418. This voyage was not the last to come, though; he had many, many more expeditions planned. We now know these expeditions as the European voyages of exploration. He is also known as the founder of the Age of Discovery and of the Atlantic salve trade. The Age of Discovery was an era in which Europe expanded their allies with Asia, America, and Africa. The Atlantic slave trade was a time period where the chief of African tribes would trade their people for food, water, etc. with Portugal. Prince Henry the Navigator, though, died in Sarges, Portugal, in the year 1460. It took a full 25 years for another Portuguese king to sail around Africa and to India.
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Journal entry

In the year 1435, I Prince Henry, or the Navigator if you wish; organized and sent out a voyage to Africa that finally succeeded. This voyage marks a very important day of history because it will soon turn into an era called the Atlantic slave trade; but I don't know this because I die soon after the trading starts. As I was saying, I have sent out 12 expeditions over the past 14 years with no success of reaching Cape Bojador due to it's treacherous waters and location. Finally, though, my crew has arrived back home with the incredible news that I've been hoping for! We've finally landed in Africa! They brought back 12 Africans in order to prove so to me. The chief of the people were one of the 12 captives so he and I came to an agreement. He asked that I release him and one other African boys of his choosing and took them back to Africa that he would supply me with even more African slaves and gold dust. I took the deal and my crew returned from the journey; to take the chief home, with 10 more African slaves and more gold dust. Within the next couple of years thousands of slaves had been transported from Africa, across the Atlantic, to here; Portugal.