Religious Conlflict



  • Religious persecution is the systematic mistreatment of an individual group by religious belief.
  • Many examples of religions who went through persecution include: Christians, Jews , Muslims and even atheist were affected.
  • Religious Conflict has formed Nations against each other and wars.

Examples of Religious Persecution

The partition of India

  • The partition of India was due to religious demographics.
  • about 25 million deli Punjab Hindu , Muslim and Sikhs refugees crossed different borders to their new homes to practice their religions
  • The partition created 5 soverign states: Pakistan , India, Burma , Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
  • Muslims were considered a minority in India

Refugees on train roof during Partition of India

Persecution of Christians

  • Early christians were killed for their faith in the 1st to 4th century by Jews and Muslims.
  • Christians are still persecuted recently: Nigera and South Sudan christians were killed by Islamic extremists.
  • In the early centuries The Christian church was constantly persecuted by the Roman authorities.
  • The Christian religion was completely agaisnt The Romans and their gods. Causing violence and declerances of war.
  • In The Empire religion was the law and refusing to follow was a crime.

Persecution of Jews

  • - Jewish Persecution is as old as the ancient Greeks . In the Seleucid Empire, the Greeks banned Jewish Sacrifices and circumcising and would put the Greek god Zeus on top of the temples.
  • The holocaust began in 1933 when Adolf Hitler came into power in Germany and was ended in 1945 by the Allied powers.
  • about 6 million jews died durig the holocaust.
  • Jews were blamed for Communism and a lot of Germany's problem
German refugees in order to escape from Soviets (Feb 1945)