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for the Week of December 4th

Reminders from the Principal

Any teacher leaving campus during their break or at other times are required to speak to an administrator prior to leaving AND sign out in the front office. This is a non-negotiable.

All teachers are required to administer a unit assessment every 4.5 weeks and they must be labeled as a unit assessment in your gradebook. These assessments must also appear in the gradebook to reflect grades for that time period. While the expectation is that all teachers will administer at least one unit test every 4.5 weeks, the total number of assessments each nine weeks is determined by the classroom teacher. With assessments counting 75% of the nine weeks grade it behooves each teacher to have more than two. All teachers are required to have spoken or had face-to-face contact with parents of students who have an "F" in their class BEFORE the end of the 9 weeks. It is NOT the responsibility of the EX ED teacher to make those contacts for the classroom teacher, either. These are non-negotiables.

We WILL HAVE a Faculty Meeting on December 5th.

A learning target will be created by Scantron for each student based on this Fall administration. Students who surpass their learning target (in Reading, Math or Science) on the Winter administration and have a "C" average in the class will be eligible to exempt their 1st semester diagnostic in English/Reading and/or Math (Plus Science in 7th Grade). Please stress to all of your students the importance of doing their best,

All 3rd period teachers should have completed their review of the goals with their students no later than Friday, December 1st. This is a non-negotiable. Do not be surprised if an administrator comes by to look at the folders for your students.

Friday Advisement Lessons (and Career Prep Lessons for select 8th Grade teachers) are non-negotiables. These lessons are expected to be taught each Friday. The Advisement Committee is reviewing the process that we are currently using for the Friday lessons as state guidelines have been updated.

I need to remind ALL staff members of a couple of things: 1) all staff members are required to remain on campus during the work day unless they have permission from an administrator to leave (teachers must sign out in the front office and classified must clock out), 2) All staff are responsible for electronic communications and items shared through the google platform. A copy of the current staff handbook for HMS is on the google drive. We will be adding additional documents as the year progresses. "I did not read my email" or "I did not know how to access the google folders" is not an acceptable excuse.

Important Reminders for the Week of December 4th Plus

Dec 4 - MEDC in the conference room

Dec 4 - Mandatory Cheer Parent Meeting afterschool in HMS Cafeteria

Dec 4 - Winter Band Concert - North Highland Baptist Church

Dec 5 - Conflict Resolution Meetings - Ms. Ware's classes

Dec 5 - Faculty Meetings in Conference Room

Dec 5 - FBLA Meeting after school in Bus Tech Lab

Dec 5 - HMS Basketball @ Minor Middle School

Dec 6 - Conflict Resolution Meetings - Ms. Sears' classes

Dec 6 - SREB Advisement Meeting in conference room (available committee members will participate)

Dec 6 - FCCLA Meeting after school in the FACS classroom

Dec 6 - HMS Basketball vs Rudd

Dec 7 - Stress Management Presentations - McAlister's Classes

Dec 7 - HMS Basketball vs Rutledge

Dec 8 - Last day for students to submit Semester Diagnostic Exemption Forms to Dr. Foster (Due by 3 PM - late forms will not be accepted)

Dec 8 - Grades must be posted by 3 PM

Dec 8 - Lesson Plans and Parent Contact logs due by 3 PM to designated administrator vis email

Dec 8 - HMS Winter Dessert Theater in the HMS Cafeteria

Dec 11 - 8th Grade Field Trip to High School Musical at HHS for eligible students

Dec 11 - NJHS Meeting after school in Room 201

Dec 12 - Stress Management Presentations - LaFoy's classes

Dec 12 - No Faculty Meetings

Dec 12 - HMS Basketball vs Erwin

Dec 13 - 19 - 1st Semester Diagnostics (Shared last Tuesday with all faculty members)

Dec 18 - HMS Basketball @ Fairfield

Dec 19 - No Faculty Meetings

Dec 19 - Last day for students before the Holiday Break

Dec 19 - HMS Basketball @ PG

Dec 20 - Teacher Work Day

Dec 21 - Jan 3 - Mid-Year Holidays - School Closed

PLUS Team Rotation

No PLUS Team Meetings in December or January

Lesson Plan, Unit Assessments & Contact Log Administrators

  • 6th Grade teachers, Poe, Finch, Overton, and Owens submit to Mr. Anders via email.

  • 7th Grade teachers, Gonzalez, Moreno, Evans, Williams and Channel submit to Mr. Powell via email.

  • 8th Grade teachers, Cerka-Wilkes, A. Smith, Kunath, Whitfield and Richards-Broome submit to Dr. Foster via email.

Lesson Plans/Parent Contact Log Calendar

  • December 8 (LP Dec 11 – Dec 19, PC through Dec 7)

  • December 19 (LP Jan 8 – Jan 19, PC through Dec 18)

  • January 19 (LP Jan 22 – Feb 2, PC through Jan 18)

  • February 2 (LP Feb 5 – Feb 16, PC through Feb 1)

  • February 16 (LP Feb 20 – Mar 2, PC through Feb 15)

  • March 2 (LP Mar 5 – Mar 16, PC through Mar 2)

  • March 16 (LP Mar 19 – Apr 6, PC through Mar 15)

  • April 6 (LP Apr 9 – April 20, PC though Apr 5)

  • April 20 (LP Apr 23 – May 4, PC through Apr 19)

  • May 4 (LP May 7 – May 24, PC through May 3)

  • May 25 (PC through May 24)

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