Stan Lee

by Dion Perry and Zak Bryant

Stanley Martin Lieber

  • As a kid Stan loved to draw comics
  • He created Spider-man in 1962
  • He was in world war 2
  • He went through the great depression

Stan Lee A living legend

  • Stan lee was born on December 28 1922.
  • He is a writer, publisher, a revered comic book creator
  • He is founder of Marvel comics

How Stan Lee came to be

Net worth and Philanthropy

  • Stan lees net worth is $50 million
  • Stan lee is also the founder of the Stan Lee foundation which is a nonprofit organization seeks to provide access to literacy, education and the arts throughout the nation

Fun Facts

  • Stan Lee created Hulk, Fantastic 4, Spider-man and, X men
  • Stan Lee has gotten over 1 million fan mail letters
  • Stan Lee has made an appearance on every marvel movie ever made
  • Stan Lee's brother, wife, and daughter have been in at least 3 marvel movies