Democrats Evolution

By: Jacob O'Neal

Officially established in 1836

As slavery became an issue... The Democrats and Whigs parties diminished

The Democratic Party remerges in 1860 six years after the Republican Party is formed

The views of the Democratic Party differentiate as America goes through the Gilded Age

Almost 100 years later, after World War II, the Democratic Party maintains it's traditional views as its main foundation.

As the Vietnam War goes on, the Democratic party starts to lose power in the south (their main source of voters) due to their lack of ability to handle the situation in Vietnam.

By the end of the 1900s, the Democratic Party slowly starts to regain strength.

Still exists today as a major party that shares power with the Republican Party in congress

Their Views on 5 Big Ideas

1) Abortion: Pro-Choice

2) Global Warming: CO2 emissions cause a change in global temp. and we must make an effort to lessen the carbon-emissions to help the environment.

3) Affirmative Action: Since we oppressed other races for so long, we must make-up for that and give them a slight advantage to help them in jobs, school, etc.

4) Death Penalty: It should be abolished in all states

5) Energy: We must find other and better resources for fuel other than oil

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