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Communication Strategies for the Fall/Spring Semester

Communication Strategies for the Semester


We are going to use a blog to discuss Hot Topics. I would recommend using a blogger account. You will be required to discuss a topic each week. I need you to post the issue, the pros, the cons, and your side of the issue. It is important to show both sides in your blog. You must have a discussion with 3 different students. This will mean that you need to read 3 different blog posts other than your own.


If you have questionns, comments or concerns you need to email me at my gmail account. I would suggest making an email account for all school related information. Gmail is a good source for email.

Classroom Participation

You may talk to me anytime during the school day. I require you to attend my class unless you have made your intentions known to me prior to the school day. When in class you must participate. Playing with your phone, staring at the clock, or allowing yourself to be distracted will not be tolerated. If you don't understand you must ask questions during class if you want my time after class. I will not (re)explain things to oyu if you were sleeping.


You may call me anytime with questions pertaining to lectures, homework, or projects. I prefer if you don't call me after 8pm. I will send texts via for important announcements, cancellations, etc.

Class Schedule

Classes will be everyday for 50 minutes a day. M-Fri

25% In class work

25% Quizzes

25% Homework

25% Final Exam

Those who don't learn history are doomed to repeat it!

Historical Society

Wednesday, March 25th, 1pm


Lunchtime on Wednesdays we will meet to discuss Historical Events throughout History. This week we will talk about the Founding Fathers, The Revolutionary War, and MARCH MADNESS, just for the heck of it!