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Faculty & Staff Notes

Greetings Oakwood Family!

What a great first week of school! The routines and procedures are coming along quite well. I have been observing teachers teaching & re-teaching the proper hallway procedures, classroom procedures, cafeteria procedures, and arrival/dismissal procedures. During lunches this week I visited with students from each of the 7 teams to ask them what I am calling #oakwoodquestions ... you will see what they had to say when you scroll down. Some of you told me toward the end of the week that your students were doing well with their lessons and learning. I cannot wait to be in the classrooms to see the learning in action!

The purpose of this flyer is to share news and information with you to keep you informed of what is coming up for Oakwood as well as for me to share my observations during the week, the latest education news on the internet, and professional development videos. I hope you find this form of communication useful to keep you informed of what is going on as well as challenge you to keep learning.




This week I came up with 4 questions to ask of our students. I picked 1 student off of each team and asked them the same question. I posted their answer on the school Twitter account @oakwoodintermed as well as on Oakwood's Facebook page.

You can see what the students had to say by clicking here.

If you use twitter in your classroom, or would like to see one example of how twitter can be used in your classroom, this is a prime example. Have students tweet with a specific hashtag (#) in their tweets. Then you can search the # to create a timeline (story) using a program called storify.

For this story I used the following #oakwoodquestions I then used storify to organize the tweets to share with you here. I will be more than happy to work with you one on one or put together a small group to help you learn how to use twitter in the classroom, just let me know.


An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail. ~Edwin Land



Week at a Glance

Monday: Campus Leadership Team Meeting... Library 4:10

Tuesday: Faculty Meeting... Library 4:10

Wednesday: Success Team Meeting 8:30-12:00, Windsor Pointe Back to School Event 4:00-5:00

Thursday: Counselors' Meeting 10:00-1:30

Friday: 5th Grade Field Trip to George Bush Library

  • The campus leadership team meeting involves the department heads, team leaders, and administrators.
  • All faculty are expected to attend the faculty meeting, para-professionals that attend can count hours toward comp time credit.
  • Success team meetings involves both Mr. Mann & Mrs. Ramirez attending district level admin meeting at the transportation center.
  • Counselor meeting involves Mrs. Haferkamp attending district level counselor meeting at central office.
  • All 5th grade students will attend the GBL field trip. Mrs. Ramirez is the contact for this field trip.


Professional Development Opportunity

CSISD Technology Video

This CSISD Technology video was created this summer by Stormy Hickman and myself as a part of an ongoing participation in a program called Learning in the Digital Age. This video highlights different district activities that utilize technology with student learning.

I share this video with you for a few reasons. The first reason is to share with you the district's vision of implementing 21st century learning into the classrooms of CSISD. The second reason I share this with you is to show you different projects that have been going on within CSISD. The third reason I share this with you is to help you think outside of the box in how you design your lessons and deliver your teaching.

Students use different tools to learn. Part of our challenge is to meet the students where they are in the learning. Utilizing different technology tools will help us in reaching the students where they are in their learning. What technology tools do you use in your teaching? What technology tools would you like to use but you are unsure of your next steps? Lets talk about it. Come by during your conference period this week and start a conversation. I am here to help you.

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