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The Guardian: What could Spain spend £85m on instead of Gareth Bale?

The football club Real Madrid has doled out £85m for one Mr Gareth Bale. But what exactly does £85m buy you in recession-hit Spain these days? Check out the options here.

MindBodyGreen: 21 Bad Habits To Avoid If You Want To Be Happy

We all want to be happy. We often talk about how badly we want happiness, yet we keep repeating the same unhealthy habits over and over again. The best way to achieve happiness is by eliminating things that aren't serving us anymore. So read the following list of what you should stop doing, and make your life happier today.

Washington Post: Jeffrey Bezos, Washington Post’s next owner, aims for a new ‘golden era’ at the newspaper

Jeffrey P. Bezos, the next owner of The Washington Post, says he doesn’t have all the answers for what’s ailing the newspaper industry or for the financially challenged news organization he is preparing to buy. Read more.

Jot Down: Las bravas, ese clásico

Cuenta la leyenda que hace muchos, muchos años, un cliente entró en un bar al azar, pidió unas bravas y se las pusieron tal y como esperaba. El hombre se sintió tan afortunado que vivió feliz para el resto de sus días. Read more here, but not on an empty stomach.


Upworthy is a social-native, mission-driven media startup setting out to make important issues as shareable as a video of someone jumping on his bed and falling out the window. Check out the site here and read about it here.


The works of artist and photographer Fong Qi Wei from Singapore. Look at them here: http://fqwimages.com/

Newsweek: Syria's Fake First Family

Just before the Arab Spring, Vogue writer Joan Juliet Buck did an infamous interview with Syria's first lady. For the first time, she tells the story behind the debacle.

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