Grewenow Gazette

Vol 1.15: Memorial Day Edition

Memorial Day Weekend is here!

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Grewenow. We are Great; we are Growing!

Principal's Message

As the end of the year comes to a close, I want to take a moment to recognize and draw attention to what I truly believe makes our school, and probably every school, great. It is the efforts and work done by individuals and making a difference in the lives of others that creates our school community and thus allows us to achieve greatness. At Grewenow, we recognized those efforts, the demonstration of what we call "The Dragon Way," through a Grewenow Grams. Throughout the year, we've been chronicling the recipients of our Grewenow Grams and posting that recognition on Twitter using #grewenowgram. In addition to a few images of recent recipients, I'd encourage you to click the hashtag link above to see the faces of those Grewenow gram recipients - those who do their part to Grewenow great. Though receiving a Grewenow Gram isn't the only way we recognize the efforts of our students, it is certainly one that is meaningful to our students, and as you will see, is a source of pride for our school.

Academic Learning Updates

Grewenow Talent Show

The Grewenow Spring Talent Show, featuring performers from Grades 3-5 will take place Monday, June 4th at 6:00 PM, in the multipurpose room.

Grade 4/5 Choir Concert

Attention families of students in the Grade 4/5 choir: Mark your calendars for a choir concert on Wednesday, June 6. The combined concert featuring Grewenow and Whittier students as one ensemble will be at Grewenow at 6:00PM that day. It's going to be a wonderful musical event.

General School Announcements

School Dress Code

Just a friendly reminder for parents and guardians:

Now with the warmer weather, we ask that students comply with our school district's dress code which can be found on the following link:

Please, when wearing dresses, skirts, skorts, and shorts, they must be at least mid-thigh length at all times. Also, shoes must have a strap around heel (no flip-flops).
Lastly, Tops may not be see-through . Must be long enough to cover waistline, no skin showing between bottoms and tops when seated or standing; Must cover chest and undergarments at all times. Sleeveless shirts are acceptable if they reach edge of shoulder and arm opening cannot be excessive. Students may not wear tank tops

2018-19 School Year Registration

Believe it or not, online registration for the 2018-2019 School is OPEN! Click this link to navigate to the registration page and get ahead for next year!

DIrections for online restration are available on the registation page. If you need other assitance you can stop by the Education Support Center (District Offices) 3600 52nd Street or call 359-7700

Grewenow Sports Day!!!

Our Annual Sports Day at Grewenow School is approaching fast and we will need your help!

Sports Day will be held on Thursday, June 7, from 8:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m.

All students in Grades K-5 will be participating. We are looking for volunteers to help us out on this day to make it a special event for our students.

If you are interested in helping us out, look for information to come home on Wednesday, May 16. Parents, Grandparents, or older siblings can volunteer their time on this day.
Please remember that all volunteers must have a current Criminal Background Check on file with the Kenosha Unified School District. If you are unsure, please call the Grewenow Office at 262-359-6362, and we will be happy to check on this for you.

Sports Day Water Bottles!

The Grewenow Family and Teacher Community (GFTC) is selling water bottles for Sports day on June 7. Order forms were sent home already, but if you missed out more forms are available. Cost of the water bottles:

1 or $3

2 for $5.

All orders are due Friday, June 1.

Kenosha Dream Playground

Grewenow Early Education is planning a family field trip to the Kenosha Dream Playground at Petzke Park (2820 14th Ave), on June 7th from 10AM-1PM. These hours are in place of our regualr school hours and NO bussing will be available during this day.

Parents can bring a lunch or snacks for their families to enjoy.
This is a great opportunity for children to interact with their peers and get some gross motor exercise.

All children attending the field trip MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times.

In case of rain, we will meet at the Kenosha Public Museum (55001st Ave).

Permission forms have been sent out.

School Parking Lot

Parents and caregivers, Please remember NOT to pull your vehicle into the parking lot during arrival and dismissal times as we have many students who walk through this area We want them to be safe, and unauthorized cars coming and going from our parking lot compromises that safety.

Family Resources

Coat and Toy Giveaway

Families with children can receive FREE winter coat, toy, and food.
Registration begins August 1st, 2018 and you can register at:
Women and Chidlren's Horizon Cesar Chevaz Learning Station
Community Action Agency Kenosha County Center (Hwy 45&50)
ELCA Outreach Center Kenosha County Job Center

Click on the link below for further information and instructions.

Get involved and support our school through GFTC

Grewenow Family & Teacher Community or GFTC (pronounced "Giftsy") meetings will be held the first Wednesday of each month at 6:00PM in the Grewenow School library. All are welcome, membership is open, and if you are interested in learning more or, better yet, getting involved please contact

More Information: Grewenow Teacher Webpages

This link will take you to classroom webpages where teachers may post classroom resources and newsletters.

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