Children's House Weekly Newsletter

Mrs. McLean, Mrs. Arleo, & Ms. Sasha

February 22, 2016

What's Happening...

This week we will learn about Healthy Habits. What does it mean to "be healthy?" How can we incorporate Healthy Habits into our day? During Circle Time we will explore the importance of getting enough sleep and exercise. We will also explore the concepts of eating healthy foods. In preparation for the dentist who will be visiting our classroom, we will also learn about dental hygiene. What foods are good for us to eat? What drinks are good for our teeth? To compare the effects of different drinks on our teeth we will soak eggs in different drinks, such as juice, milk, soda, and water. What do you think will happen if we soak an egg in soda? Be sure to ask your children. The books we will read include Healthy Me, Kicking, Running, & Stretching, and How Many Teeth.

In Kindergarten, the children will be making toothpaste the old fashioned way with baking soda and salt. We will also practice proper hand washing technique when we do our Glitter Germs experiment. Be sure to ask your child about this, they always love trying to wash away all of the glittery germs on their hands.