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News From Your TDS for September 16th

Fixed or Flexible?

Units Of Study

During the recent 1st through 4th grade PD, there was a lot of discussion regarding what is fixed and what is flexible in our curriculum. Below is information about your grade-level units of study for language arts and how they fit into the fixed/flexible idea.

Did you know? Language Arts report card skills are listed in order based on the Units of Study.

FIXED-Teaching the Units of Study skills and strategies within the listed quarter

FLEXIBLE-How you choose to teach the skills and strategies

Other interesting information about the Units of Study...

*Most of the reading and writing units were created so that the skills link. For example, during the same time period, you may read informational text during the reading unit and write informational text during the writing unit.

*When you follow the units, you can use a book for reading and then use part of the book to model a writing strategy.

*If you follow the Units of Study throughout the year, all of your grade level Language Arts strands (Reading Literature, Reading Informational Text, Reading: Foundational Skills, Writing, Speaking and Listening, Language) would be covered.

*The report card skills are listed in the order they are covered on the Units of Study each quarter.

*In second through fourth grade, the Indiana standards you are responsible for are in red.

If you did not get the Units of Study for your grade level, please let me know. I can send them in an email.

Units of Study PD

The TDS team was so pleased and surprised by the turnout for the first Units of Study PD session! Thanks to those who attended. We want to meet your needs better the next time so there will be a slight change in format. Our meetings will still take place at Cumberland Road Elementary but the grade level breakouts will be moved to different classrooms. Please bring your ipad with the Units of Study on it or bring a paper copy of your Units. Our focus will be understanding and planning for the next unit.

Our next Units of Study PD will take place on October 8th at 4:15.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!

My Schedule...tentative

For the week of September 16th, this is my schedule:

Monday BSE (all day), Math Unit work at CO (till 6:30)

Tuesday BSE for RTI, CRE for a meeting (am), CRE Principal meeting at 1:00, Ryan Flessner Workshop at Butler (4:30 till 6:30)

Wednesday Durbin (all day)

Thursday SCE (8:00 till 3:00), CO New Teacher Meeting ( till 5:15)

Friday SCE (for staff meeting), BSE (till 12:30) FCE for Math Mapping till 4:00