The meditation app

What'cha doin?

This handy feature has a different meditation plan for 16 different activities!

-Feeling stressed? Try some calming sounds?

-On a work break? Try a Kit-Kat and light pop!

-Or just pick "Just Meditation!" either the first or second one!


This is definitely my favorite feature of the app.

Some User Friendly features


-How likely are you to recommend this app to a friend?

I would only recommend the app to people who really like meditation. It is pretty expensive at $4.99. The price is definitely the least appealing feature.

-Is there any personal information that is required to be shared?

No. In fact there is no signup required at all!

-How would a middle schooler benefit from this app?

Meditation is good for health at all times, but when you are taking a course to prepare for high school, it can become stressful. Meditation, if you've learned how to do it, can be an excellent way of relieving stress. With this app, you can easily learn how to meditate at all different times. If you learn how to meditate at a long age, you know a life long skill that can be extremely useful.