Medford Elementary Newsletter

April 2021

How can you help support Medford Elementary?

MEPA (Medford Elementary Parents Association) is excited to be offering a fun activity for families to do together at home: A Create To Go board. Mother's Day, Father's Day and Graduation themed kits delivered to your child's classroom!

Order forms and payment are due APRIL 26th. Fliers should have been sent home with your child already. If you are in need of an order form, please contact your child's teacher.

What is included in each kit? The board, paint, paint brush and stencil.

Kits will be delivered to your child's classroom the week of May 3rd.

Funds raised from this fundraiser will go to our "Support the Teachers" program at Medford Elementary!

Thank you for your support, it is greatly appreciated.


What to do if your child is absent/running late to school?

Students are expected to be in their classrooms at 8:12 a.m.

-Parents are required to come in and sign their child in if arriving late to school-

Please call the Elementary Attendance Line at 507-214-6378/ High School Attendance Line at 507-214-6353 if your child will be absent or tardy to school. Phone line is available 24 hours. Leave a message including the following information:

  • Caller’s name

  • Student’s name

  • Student’s teacher

  • A reason for your child’s absence or tardy

Please refer to the Student/Parent Handbook for more details.

Medford School Early Childhood Census Information

Are you new to the Medford community? Do you have children under the age of 5?

If so, please contact Medford school and get your child’s name on our school census. This is used to send you information on Early Childhood programs such as Early Childhood Screening, Early Childhood Family Education, and School Readiness programs. The school also uses this information to send out Kindergarten registration to families and uses the census numbers for school funding. Call Medford preschool at (507) 214-6380 or Email the following information to Parent’s name, address, phone number, email children’s names, age, and birthday.

Parking Lot Reminders

We ask that when dropping your child(ren) off in the morning or picking them up in the afternoon that use the lanes for their intended purpose. If you are simply wanting to drop your child off in the morning and not walk up to the school with them, please use the outside lane (the one without the arrows) If you are wanting to drop your child(ren) off and exit your vehicle and walk them up to the school, we ask that you park in the parking lot. The lane with arrows (black line in the pictures) is meant for drive through traffic only, not for families to stop and drop your child)ren) off.

Thank you in advance for following these procedures and keeping our students safe.

Is your child prepared for the weather?

Spring is here! It is the time to establish the routine of wearing layers of outdoor clothing. During the spring season, students often like to shed their outdoor coat, but would really benefit from wearing a sweatshirt in response to the chill in the air. Please try to be aware of the weather each day so your child can have the necessary clothing depending on the weather conditions. Be sure to check the lost and found if anything comes up missing!

Important Dates on the Horizon

May 31: Memorial Day (No School)

June 3: End of Qtr. #4 (Last Day of Classes)

Medford Elementary

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