Venezuelan Protests

Austin Abner

Why did it happen?

  • started out as small student protests
  • evolved into organized violent protests
  • protesting against president Chaves and for freedom of speeech
  • Chaves is against human rights
  • protesting to get rid of the government
  • increasing crime
  • supply shortages
  • etc

What happened? How did they do it?

  • protesters used barricades, fires, wire, and more to violently protest
  • protesters threw objects such as rocks or molotov cocktails
  • protesting rallies
  • happened in 2014
  • they wanted to kick Chaves out of presidency
  • they wanted to change/get rid of the government
  • happened in Caracas, Venezuela

The Effects

  • ten million dollars in damage was caused due to protesters
  • police/riot control was used to try to stop/calm the protesting and riots
  • crime is increasing
  • government supermarkets, clinics, and educational facilities have been attacked

Assessment Question: How did the Venezuelans demonstrate their belief system through their protests?

The Venezuelans started out as small protests with signs and groups of people. These protests evolved into organized violent protests including large riots. These riots consisted of barricades, barbed wire, fires, throwing rocks, attacking certain things, etc. These people did this because they wanted to get their point across that they believed and wanted to get rid of the government and the president. They made sure that it was quite noticeable about what they believed and wanted by protesting and rioting.