Thomas J Jackson

The Stonewall


He was born on January 21, 1824 Clarksburg , Virginia. When he was two years old his sister and father died of Typhoid fever. When his mother remarried his siblings and him self were end to live with with his uncle in west Virginia for their step father disliked them.

Time at West Point and the Mexican War

Jackson had went to West Point Military Academy in West Point, New York. He graduated right before the Mexican War and went into it as a second lieutenant of the 1st US Artillery where he met Robert E. Lee in the war. After the war he decided to leave the military and pick up a teaching career at Virginia Military Institute.


After he had left the military he had married Elinor Junkin, who died during child birth with his son. Three years after she had passed he remarried to Maryanne Morrison which sadly lost their first child in miscarriage but the second time they tried for a child they were given a daughter but the peace in time would not last.

The Civil War and Jackson

The Beginning of the American Civil War

After Virginia succeeded from the Union and joined the Confederacy Stonewall joined the Army of Northern Virginia as a colonel. He was then later promoted by CSA General Johnston. He was given the name Stonewall at The Battle of Bull Run


During the battle the Union seemed to overrun the Southern men. During this Jackson stood his ground with his men and pushed to fill the line to fend of the Union. Which lead to the retreat of the Northern Army. Some men had saw Jackson standing there "like a Stonewall".

Shenandoah Valley Campaign

After Manassas, Stonewall was promoted to Major General in October. He was given the task to protect the Western side of Virginia from the Union forces. They were given the nick name as the Foot Calvary. With between 15 to 18,000 troops he fought against a force of 60,000 Union soldiers of the North. If he would have failed in his keeping the Union out of Richmond, Virginia the Confederacy would have fell earlier then it did. After winning the campaign Stonewall joined with Lee's forces and became Lieutenant General leading a large portion of Lee's armies more victories came in to the reach and chances seemed high for them to win the war.
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2nd Battle of Bull Run, Battle Antietam, and Battle of Fredricksberg.

Jackson played in key roles in battles which lead in their favor. The most famous victory of Lee and Stonewall was Chancellorsville. With a force of 60,000 men versus a Union army of 130,000, a strategy formed in Stonewall's mind.


At Chancellorsville, Jackson took 28,000 men and marched to the union rear while Lee created a diversion in front of the line it opened the flank were Jackson strike and cause large casualties forcing the Union General Hooker to with drawl two days later. It seemed hat Jackson and Lee were going to win the war and go home another day, but thats not what happen.

The Fall of Stonewall


After the battle Stonewall took some men and went scouting for the enemy. When they went on there journey and came across a North Carolina Regiment who thought that Jackson and his men were Union Calvary so the regiment fired at Jackson and only shot him alone in the arm.

The Wounded Jackson

After he was shot his arm was quickly amputated and afterwards sent to a military field hospital to recover but sadly he had caught pneumonia, with his wife and daughter and his side he said, " Let us cross over the river and rest under the shade of the trees". After those words were muttered he had passed away on May 10,1863 at the age of 39. his arm was buried separately from his body which is buried in Lexington, Virginia.

Death of Jackson


Just a few short months after Jackson had died The Battle of Gettysburg had taken place in Pennsylvania and later the defeat of the Army of Northern Virginia ending the war with the surrender of General Lee.