World History Chapter 1

The rise of Humans by Christopher Lopez

Early Hominini

Australopithecus was the first to come out of a tree. They walked on their legs and hands and they were not that smart at all.They named Australopithecus "Lucy" because the person who discovered it he was listening to "Lucy in the sky" by The Beatles.Homo habilis or "Toolmaker" was the first early human to make tools.They lived 2 million years ago.Homo erectus was the first to discover fire and eat cooked meat.They lived for a long time because they were smart because cooked meat helps the brain grow bigger.And they were the first to stand up straight on their legs.Homo sapiens are living today,we invented higher technology and better tools.And we are the smartest.We have found more ways to survive and better food and habitats.


Archaeologists are people who discover artifacts or lost treasures to people who lived long ago or famous people.They are very careful with artifacts or fossils they find cause if they break then its not as valuable.They also have to be following proper steps especially when the find something because they have six steps.That is what archaeologists do.


Climate is weather like very hot or rain but archaeologists have to work while being in countered by any weather.

Dig Site

A dig site is a site where archaeologists dig up artifacts but it is a big whole they dig up and to find earths objects from the past.


An artifact is remains from a human from long ago or belongings.


A savanna is a expanse of vegetation,mostly grass in the country of Africa.Where most early humans where.


Technology is like cell phones, laptops, or machinery we were able to make this advanced technology because we learned from their mistakes and made it better that's why our technology is very advanced


Bipedal is an animal that walks on two feet.


A fossil is a bone from any remain in the past.