UPSTARTING "River Bend Quilters"

Bees will truly be the "heart" of our new group.

What is a Bee? How do I join a Bee?

Bees will truly be the "heart" of the River Bend Quilt Guild. Our Bees will range from 2 to 15 people in size, with an average hopefully of 8.

River Bend Quilt Guild is now forming our first Bee.

Bees generally meet at member's River Bend "places" or the Ranger Station to share fellowship and our love of quilting. Each Bee (group) determines its own scope and purpose. Anyone can start a Bee, and you may belong to as many as your energy and commitment allow; all guild members are encouraged to join in the fun.

Lasting friendships form inside Bees. They often take on quilting projects as a group. If your Bee would like to have photos of a project or activity to show off please contact one of our Head Beekeepers (Marge Pingley, Lou Davis, Ada Willis, Jenny Cohill) and let her know you have items you want on the web.

For information about any of the bees or if you are interested in joining an existing bee or starting a new bee please contact Marge Pingley, Lou Davis, Ada Willis, or Jenny Cohill.

What are Charm Squares?

Charm Squares are 6" squares of fabric that are swapped each month. Make your stash more interesting with a variety of fabrics.

What is Show and Tell?

Most every month we have 'show and tell' where we show off projects that we have been working on. We all love to see what others have been doing. It's so inspiring to go home and get quilting! Beginning the 2015 season, if you have a project that you want to show, just contact one of our Head Beekeepers (Marge Pingley, Lou Davis, Ada Willis, Jenny Cohill) with the name of the project (that's so anyone taking pictures can associate a name with the quilt).

Raffle Quilt

Every year we make a quilt which is either hand quilted or machine quilted by our members. This quilt is donated to — various River Bend Membership organizations — for them to use for fund raising. After choosing a pattern, we all make the required blocks and work at assembling this quilt. Everyone is encouraged to work on this quilt - it's a great place to learn ALL of the stages of making a quilt. If you're uncertain about something, get involved and ask questions.

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John, we have a few members who quilt. To name a few: Marge Pingley, Lou Davis, Jenny Cohill. I would like to interest a few others. We have, in the past, talked of starting a group who might donate their time and efforts to quilting for one or two projects to raise funds for a 'make over' to enhance the looks of our entrance. Our dues and assessments are needed for infrastructure upgrades. With an activity/ fund raiser project we might improve our "looks" throughout the Ranger Station, the entrance, our comfort stations...wherever.
Can you make a flyer. You need to give some us a little learning seminar on this technique when the association opens this season.

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In season working one on one to prepare a flyer would be best. In the mean time ... just what you gave me here is enough to get me going. As with the Audit Committee recruitment flyer, I will not publish until I get a go ahead.