Woodrow Wilson

Danial Lakhani

Freedom Man

"Always eliminating corruption in America!"
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Sidekick: Ida B. Wells "The Wellest"

She argued for women's suffrage allowing them to vote. She wasn't racially prejudice and was one of the more educated women who became a journalist.

Villain: The Fighting Economy

Kept on making changes to economy

  • Farmers planted too much food
  • Farmer profits fell because of the drop in prices
  • Political bosses stole money for personal gain
  • Railroad charges kept on increasing
  • Businessmen often were unable to pay back loans, which led to their land being seized and putting them out of business.


  • Woodrow Wilson established the Federal Trade Commission Act of 1914, which prevented unfair business trade practices.
  • Federal Farm Loan Act of 1916, provided low interest rates to farmers that needed a loan.
  • The Interstate Commerce Act of 1887, regulated railroad prices so that small business could also afford the use of trains for inter-commerce.
  • Clayton Anti-Trust Act of 1914, sought to prevent anticompetitive practices in the U.S.