Empires of Ancient Mesopotamia

Where the best empires are found

The empires of Mesopotamia are known as the "Fantastic Five". In these civilizations are: Sumer, Akkadian, Babylonia, Assyria, and Neo-babylonia/Chaldea. These five empires are the best civilizations out there, there is no doubt about it. SOME good things about SUMER are that they created the world's first writing system, known as Cuneiform. They were also the first human civilization. By moving here, you can visit some of the oldest cities in the world. Sumer also has some of the world's first houses, made out of sun dried bricks. Visit Sumer today! Now Akkadian. Akkadian is a great place to visit because it was the first empire. They were the first to build wheeled vehicles. You can visit three denominational buildings. They were also installed the first dynasty. Visit Akkadian today! If you get a chance, you also should visit the Babylonia Empire because: you can visit the land that is the home of the famous King Hammurabi. Also, visit the city where culture and arts started to flourish. Also laying here lays Alexander the Great after capturing Babylonia for his conquest. You can also the visit the hanging gardens that rose too around 75 ft high and 56 miles long. Visit Babylonia today! Your next stop should consist of visiting Assyria, the empire known for their fearsome army with deadly chariots. You can visit the great library filled famous clay tablets such as stories of gilgamesh and Hammurabi's code. There cities were strong and impressive with huge walls to protect themselves and many canals for water. Also visit the extravagant places for their kings. Visit Assyria today! Last but not least, you should plan to visit the empire of Neo/babylon. You can see the great arts they created, while also visiting the great ziggurat religious temple. They created more powerful protection including great walls that are 23 ft thick. Also you can see how they discovered and created time. Visit Neo/babylon today! This is just SOME reasons to visit the FaBuLoUs FiVe!

the fabulous five pictures

Sumer: Cuneiform Writing

Akkadia: the first wheel

Babylonia: the Hanging Gardens

Assyria: great army

Neo-Babylon: the Ziggurat

Some of our modern day cities: