Viking Missions


What were the Viking missions?

The Viking missions were about 2 spacecrafts that went up to Mars to find out, and learn more things about Mars.There were only two space crafts the went up there, they were called Viking1 and Vikiking2.
NASA's Viking Missions to Mars 1975 - 1977
The Viking probes were the first landings on Mars in the U.S. The space probes were sent at different times, the second probe was sent a couple weeks after the first one. The Viking probes took pictures of Mars.

When did they launch?

They were sent in 1975. There were only two probes and they were sent to Mars to find any sign of life. Both of the probes had an orbiter and a lander.They were mainly focused on Mars. There were two of the probes that went to Mars. They were both launched in 1975. Viking 1 launched on August 20, 1975. The second Viking launched on September 9, 1975.
Mars Viking Mission

When did they land on Mars?

The Viking 1 spacecraft got to Mars on June 19,1976. The Viking 1 spacecraft separated into two parts on June 20,1976 which was one day after they got to Mars. The Viking 2 spacecraft got to Mars on September 3,1976
The Viking landers took 360 degree pictures of Mars, and they would collect soil of Mars.They would also take the temperature, and also take the wind speed of Mars and send the data back to earth

What did they find?

The orbiters of the Viking spacecrafts found crated areas, volcanoes and evidence of surface water in Mars. The spacecrafts would send the results back to earth, they kept on doing that for more than about 6 years.

Viking spacecrafts stop working.

On April 11, 1980 Viking 2 stopped working and ended communication. Viking 1 stopped working on November 13,1982.


The Vikings went over most of the land on Mars, and they helped people see volcanoes and other things that were on the surface of Mars. The orbiter helped take more closer pictures to see more detail of the surface, while the landers were on Mars gathering information about the terrain.
A day on the Planet Mars : 1977 Viking footage