Assessing The U.S. Government

By Megan Coelho

Forming A More Perfect Union

Recently President Obama has put a program called DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) which is a more lawful way to allow people from other countries to immigrate safely into the U.S. into effect. DACA is providing legal status and opportunities for work to illegal immigrants who were brought into the U.S. as children, yet still wish to remain a citizen of the country. Sounds pretty good, huh? Well there is a flaw in the program which states that illegal immigrants must obtain a green card to become legal in the country, but some people are forced to be separated from their families as they are legal where as the rest of their family is still waiting on their green cards which could essentially take as long as 15 months. As stated in Right Side News, " U.S. citizen Andrew Bachert has been waiting since August to be reunited with his Australian national wife and two teenage children, who are still waiting in Australia for a visa. Though some immigration lawyers suggested she skirt the system and enter America through a 90-day tourist visa, she decided she would rather wait abroad than lie to U.S. customs officials about how long she intended to stay in country." We can only hope that the legislative branch is able to open their eyes and see that their decisions could either reunite families in harmony or tear them apart completely.
The canceled health care caused by the implantation of Obamacare was meant to correct the issues of health care, rather than leave citizens stranded in their own country, living under a promise that was not kept. Now it is being said that President Obama and the executive branch are allowing people whose health care was canceled prior to Obamacare to keep those old plans for two years. Although this may sound promising, it will be difficult for people whose insurance companies are not willing to reoffer canceled policies.

Establish Justice

Edward Snowden, the worlds most famous spy, and “whistleblower” (a person who exposes misconduct, alleged dishonest or illegal activity occurring in an organization, as defined by Wikipedia) is one of “America’s Most Wanted” fugitives. It is being debated by Congress as to whether or not such a threat to the stability of the government deserves the right to a fair trial due to the extent of his actions, and the fact he is one who could potentially expose top secret information to the public.

The FLSA (The Fair Labor Standards Act) allows citizens of the country below the age of 18 to be set aside a minimum requirement of work hours and the opportunity to be granted a job to ensure the intake of payment while still regarding the safety of the individual being a minor. The general rule is that no citizen is able to be employed below the age of 14, but some jobs that require more arduous tasks might ask for a minimum age of 16.

Ensure Domestic Tranquility

The first and foremost role of the state police force is to ensure the safety and security of all the people living within a certain state or defined territory. Our country is very good at protecting their citizens on a local level, always assigning officers and other law officials to each state, those of which have undergone extensive training and know exactly how to face dangerous problems in order to ensure domestic tranquility within the boundaries of each state.
Although those who are set to perform the job are doing their best under the ever intensifying circumstances, the U.S. police force is said to be shrinking at a rapid pace. According to usatoday, there has been a steady diminishing of highway patrol officers that have lacked success with regards to adjusting themselves to the continuous growth in each state's population. It is said that many highways are left unattended at late night or early morning hours, making it prime time for crime to occur.

Provide For The Common Defense

Obama’s current foreign policy is believed to be flawed, due to the fact that it is said by many to be partially accountable for the ongoing calamity in Ukraine. The president has been accused recently of having “no strategy when it comes to security policy” and that he is “leading from behind”. Foreign policy generally involves the action of all three branches of government, and change rests on their shoulders.

The number one priority for 2014 with regards to making adjustments for the country’s foreign policy is to “Halt the Rise of a Nuclear-Armed Iran”. This plan is to ensure the safety and security of the U.S. by providing an advanced form of defense in order to establish increased strength rather than allow the defense systems to plummet as the years go on. By taking the action to defend the U.S. now, the country is putting it’s best foot forward in order to prepare for any rise that may occur in the creation of nuclear technology in Iran.

Promote General Welfare

The Supreme Court is currently working toward deciding whether or not the Environmental Protection agency should regulate greenhouse gas emissions from large machinery such as power plants, and if they legally have the authority to do so and take action on these sources. Despite the fact that one section of the Clean Air Act states that emissions as threatening as these must find some way to be regulated in order to protect the health of the people, it is unclear now as to what the correct action to take in this situation is.
Americans who receive low to medium incomes have the opportunity to open up what the President calls a myRA. A myRA is a plan for retirement that is available to citizens of the country who cannot be granted a retirement plan from their current employer(s). It is believed to be a positive step in the right direction with regards to the futures of Americans as the responsibility rests on the shoulders of the individual rather than the citizen's employer to provide such future plans.

Secure Blessings of Liberty

Same-sex marriage is still illegal in most states around the country. In early 2013, the Supreme Court was asked to review a section of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). This particular section, Section 3, stated (as expressed by Wikipedia) that it "defines marriage for federal purposes as the union of a man and a woman". On June 26, 2013 the Supreme Court was able to conclude that this statement was in fact unconstitutional and therefore sets the first foot forward in the right direction, running for equality.
The United States pro-choice movement is a global movement with the intention of executing their idea to the public that women should have the right to an abortion, and the decision to terminate a pregnancy should lie solely within the woman herself. People who are supportive of this movement feel that it is the correct action to take by granting women these rights because a child impacts a human's life, body, health, and future aspirations. The decision as to what occurs with such a heavy debate lies in the hands of those involved in the pro-choice movement, and how effective they are in swaying the opinions of President Obama and the rest of the executive branch.