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Dawson Mundt; Editor-In-Chief

The Reason Why People Choose Fast Food over Resturants.

The statement, "We want to pay the cheapest price for the food we consume. We don't understand that it comes at a price," is a statement that a lot of people would agree upon and would have a ton of reasons on why that statement is true. People agree with this statement because most of the U.S. go to fast food joints everyday to buy a cheap meal. But truly they do not know what was done in order to make that hamburger or chicken nugget meal. Other people most ofter see their peers always going to fast food restaurants to save a little bit of money because the meals are so cheap.

What companies could possibly start to do if their employees start to not work for them in higher people that are willingly to work for them or even illegal immigrants. Companies shouldn't recruit workers this way because in order to work there you should have to go through the same process that everyone else that worked there prior to you went through. Plus they shouldn't hire illegal immigrants and you should have to be a citizen. And it is unfair for people to get a job without having to do an interview or fill out a resume.

To the Future Citizens of America,

September 15, 1865

Dear Future Citizens of America,

Throughout my lifetime I found that you should never give up on something you think will work even though other people try to make you think otherwise. I found this out by not giving up on ending Women's Suffrage even though it took me and my group more than forty years to finally get the president to finally pass the amendment in order to give women the same rights as men. It was a tough and at times a heart braking battle, but in the end we were able to get an amendment passed and we were all so happy. During the battle though, there were times that I wanted to give up because I wasn't sure if the president would pass the amendment or not. While we were doing our protests we had parades on the streets in Washington D.C. that were sooner or later crashed by rude and ignorant people that truly disagreed with everything we were trying to do. Our protests also were held in front of the White House but that didn't take long before we were charged with "crossing private property" which we obviously did not do.

During our little extravaganza we had some conflicts that put us into reverse. Like the weather was terrible while we were in front of the White House throughout the year which caused some ladies to get ill but it wasn't a big deal and we kept on pushing forward until we got thrown into jail (literally) for "crossing private property". Not all of us were put into jail so some of the ladies in our group were able to carry out what we were doing. When we were in jail I was force fed for many days and we were thrown into our jail cells, literally. But when we got out of jail we were able to continue on with the protests and within a couple of months the president pass the amendment to end women's suffrage and we were able to have equal rights as men. Therefore, you should never give up on what you have your mind set on no matter what everyone else is saying about it.

Sincerely, Alice Paul

Political Cartoon

The overall meaning of this cartoon is Rockefeller is taking over the United States with his oil industry. Somethings that helped me are, one is all of the oil barrels in the background covering up all of the space in the United States and there isn't any room for the things we absolutely need. A second thing that helped me is how the buildings are converted into oil companies and are producing oil. Lastly is how Rockefeller is going into the White House and the president has a bag of money almost like he is giving it to Rockefeller to use to keep making his oil. An example of how modern America is depicted from this cartoon is we still have a ton of oil industries producing oil and how we are almost the number one country for producing oil.


The U.S. Annexes Liliuokalani and Then Takes Hawaii into our country?

Before president McKinely was our president, Grover Cleavland put the treaty with Hawaii on hold in order to look further upon on putting Liliuokalani into her throne again. Cleavland also did not support annexation but was willing to back Liliuokalani. But that all changed once McKinely came into play and was elected president. Unlike Cleavland, McKinely favored annexation. The U.S. congress approved of the annexation of Liliuokalani. Until 1959 Hawaii was unowned until the U.S. opened up our arms and let them become our fiftieth state. Congress then apologized for the overthrowing of Liliuokalani.
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World War 1 Propaganda

What this cartoon means is that the Sedition Act violated our First Amendment because the government wasn't allowing anyone to write or say anything that was disloyal or had abusive language in it. Others thought that the law protected military secrets.

The U.S. Is Now Participating in The Great War!

If you didn't already know, the U.S. is now participating in The Great War! Americans believe that militarism played the largest role in the outbreak of the war because Germany was supplying their army with the latest weapons and larger artillery. When the Germans started doing this it started to make the other nations cautious and then they started making their military bigger and giving them the latest supplies and weapons that they could use. Unless you were some countries (France) and preferred to go into the war highly unprepared and decided to draw your swords out and charge the German's trenches but were then mowed down by machine guns. Another theory is that people thought that strong military forces would prevent countries attacking each other but since one country has a much stronger military then other countries they kept attacking and taking more land from other countries.

William and Elmer jamming out in their cars.

William Lear and Elmer Wavering were to normal friends that loved their music and cars. It was until their girlfriends came up with the idea that they should put a radio inside their cars. All of them loved going to a very scenic spot in Illinois to watch the sunset. Their ladies thought of something that would be great to have while they were watching the sunset which was to have music playing while they did their favorite thing. The boys then realized they needed to figure out how to install a radio in a car that would be heard over the loud engine of the car and would not interfere with the cars electrical system. They soon figured out how to do this and they were the first people to invent the radio inside of the car.
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Babe Ruth set new record for amount of home-runs hit in the MLB?

As "Babe Ruth" went from the New York Yankees, The Boston Red Sox, and the Boston Braves in the MLB, he was able to play for 22 seasons and retired in 1935. When he started he was an amazing left handed pitcher but later switched to right fielder so he was able to get more playing time on the field. But when he was off of the field he was able to slug the ball out of the stadium and set the record for a total of 714 home-runs hit in the MLB. Most of them were at the team of the New York Yankees and he was soon known as a hero to all baseball fans around the world.

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Gilded Age

Progressive and Imperialism

World War 1

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