I need YOUR help...

...with my CRAZY idea!

Hello Friends!

I am so fortunate to have a career and life I love. I LOVE meeting women like you and creating friendships that stretch across years and states and helping women feel beautiful about themselves.

I'm even more fortunate to have a family who stands beside me no matter what crazy idea I have or event I drag them too (Pez Convention, Myrtle Beach 2005). My husband Johnny, with whom I am nauseatingly in love with, is not only my best friend but my number one business cheerleader. He fully stood beside me when I took a leap of faith to become a full time business owner and mom.

After almost 3 years with Stella & Dot, I have never been happier and have been blessed countless times over with our curly headed little joy and am so very proud to be her Mom.

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Ssshhh...I have a TOP SECRET mission and I genuinely need YOUR HELP to make this happen!

But this isn't about me, I'm setting aside my pride because I can't do this by myself. I have a top secret mission and I genuinely need your help to make it happen.

I've discovered that all of my hard work (seriously, they should call this "play" and not work) and dedication has almost paid off and that I can almost earn an exclusive paid vacation to Mexico with Stella & Dot. As a type A independent woman, I never ask for help. It makes me itchy and uncomfortable, but in this case, I can't do this on my own.

I would love to surprise Johnny and bring him along with me to Mexico as a small sincere token of appreciation for all of the love and support he has given me and my business.

How you can help me make this happen:

*I must sell $6000 in fabulous Stella & Dot Accessories before June 30th.

How you can help:
  1. Book a super fun trunk show with me! If you have been thinking about having a show, now is the PERFECT time!
  2. Place an order online at www.stelladot.com/ts/i1tq5

There are so many reasons to love Stella & Dot in June and I'd love to fill you in!

Thank you!

I gratefully and humbly appreciate any help or support you can provide! Please feel free to share this and contact me with any questions.