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November 20th, 2020 Information for our Families

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Greetings Wildcat Families!

We had another eventful week, and once again, we needed to ask our Classic students, teachers, and families to pivot back to virtual learning. While our students and our teachers have done an admirable job of flexibly adapting to these rather abrupt changes, I realize how challenging it is to have to navigate these uncertain times. I want to stress the importance of keeping open lines of communication so that we can support each other as a community. Here are a few very important reminders from our health office:

  • If your student has any symptoms at all that could be COVID-19 related, please keep them at home and get them tested.
  • If anyone in your family is symptomatic and waiting on COVID-19 test results, please keep students home since they may be exposed but not showing symptoms yet.
  • If you take your student for testing, please keep our health office informed and communicate the results with us as soon as possible. This helps us prepare for an immediate response.
  • If your student has had a possible exposure to Covid-19 on our campus, we would urge you to have your student tested. This information helps us contain the spread and helps us notify other families who may need assistance with this illness.

Again, adapting to changes and coping with uncertainty and illness is incredibly difficult. The National Association of School Psychologists has helpful resources and excellent tips for adults on how to help their families "adjust to the new normal." Here is their website: Helping Children Cope with Changes Resulting from COVID-19. I highly suggest checking it out, and as an adult who supports our students and my own children, I plan on revisiting these tips often!

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I want to take a moment to share my gratitude for all the staff, students, and families in our Wildcat community. We would love for you to participate in a Gratitude Challenge and share your gratitude as well for the dedicated and talented staff members who are working so hard to serve our students. Please click on this link to share your messages of gratitude, and we will be happy to share these messages with our staff next week.

As always, we are here to help and to serve. Please communicate anything that you need. Stay safe and healthy!


Heather Golly

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RMS VIRTUAL SCHEDULE (Updated 10.20.20)

Please remember the periods that are shaded gray will be ASYNCHRONOUS. This means that students will log into Canvas for those periods, complete work assigned, and attend office hours/tutorials that teachers may announce. Please email teachers for any clarification.

Classic/ Virtual Learning Model Registration for the Remainder of School Year

The selection form for Classic or Virtual Learning model for the second semester is now available. Please note that if a parent does not respond to the registration process, their student(s) will remain in the learning model in which they were enrolled in the first semester. Prior to assigning the learning model, we will, however, reach out via email, phone, and other site correspondence to any parent who has not submitted their registration by November 29th. This learning model registration will be in effect for the remainder of the school year. This means that students will be required to stay in the learning model they chose for the entire semester. Some programs and courses may not be available in each model as school schedules and classes are created based on student requests. This could mean that if you request a switch in learning models, your student’s teachers, elective choices, and class periods could change. As a reminder, we will be socially distancing, as practicable, in the Vista Classic learning model, and that the class sizes are similar to a regular school year. Please note that parents will receive individual emails for the learning model registration and that these emails will have the sender listed as VistaUSDforms@vistausd.org.

For instructions on how to complete the Learning Model Registration form please click here.

Alternative Income Verification

All school districts in California are required to submit an annual notification of students who need additional support. The income verification form is strictly confidential and will only be used to submit the annual application for school funding. Please assist us by providing this valuable information so that we may maximize the state and federal funding for students by completing the online form: www.vistausd.org/AIVForm.

To learn more about AIV click here.

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VUSD Community Update #36

Click here to read the latest VUSD Community Update November 17, 2020. Also, click here School Reopening website for a comprehensive and informative website that contains a wealth of helpful documents and links.



See's Candy Fundraiser

Order See's Candy Online - Just in time for the holidays, get your See’s Candy orders in! This year we are taking orders online. Click here to order and help raise funds for PTA. Make it easy for friends and family to contribute by sharing the link with them on social media or online. Orders must be placed by Dec. 1.


A Letter from Yearbook

Dear Wildcat Parents and Families,

Our Yearbook Staff needs your help! With students at home for distance learning, it is incredibly challenging for our Yearbook Staff to capture photos of life during these times. You can help us by submitting photos and/or stories that we can share in our yearbook!

Submit photos and/or stories by clicking on this link:

Yearbook 2020-21 Submission Form

We are looking for photos and stories that capture life outside of school. This includes:

  • Candid photos (students don’t have to pose!)

  • What does learning look like at home?

  • How does your student stay active? Stay creative? Stay social?

  • How do you spend family time together?

  • How are you celebrating birthdays/special occasions?

  • What has been difficult to find at the grocery store?

  • Socially Distanced Family Vacations

  • Anything that might relate to our school, our school year and your wonderful Wildcat student.

With a year unlike any other comes a yearbook unlike any other.

You can also watch our video announcement here:

Yearbook Announcement 2020-21

On behalf of our Wildcat Yearbook Staff, THANK YOU!

Mr. Daniel Guerzon (Yearbook Advisor)


Roosevelt Middle School



Family and Community Liaison

The RMS Parent Center and your Community Liaison are here to support our families! Please check out the new RMS Parent Center Website, a place where you can find information about resources, support, and more!! On the website, you will find a Parent Survey where you can add comments, suggestions, or concerns regarding our school. Let us provide the best service to you and your students.

You can now communicate virtually on Tuesdays click here for the English and Spanish flyer starting November 24 from 11:00 to 12:00 with Mrs. Gabby in a zoom hour for any questions. Click here to enter the parent center office time next Tuesday.

Email your Roosevelt Family and Community Liaison Ms. Gabby Thompson, gabrielathompson@vistausd.org, or contact her at extension 63013 to set an appointment for assistance or with any other needs your family might have.

School Breakfast and Lunch

Please remember that all Roosevelt students can get breakfast and lunch for free. We encourage you and your children to take advantage of the free breakfast and lunch RMS offers to make sure your students are eating regularly.


PTA Announcements for Parents

Order See's Candy Online - Just in time for the holidays, get your See’s Candy orders in! This year we are taking orders online. Click here to order and help raise funds for PTA. Make it easy for friends and family to contribute by sharing the link with them on social media or online. Orders must be placed by Dec. 1.

More PTA announcements here!!


Counseling Corner!

Follow us on Instagram @rooseveltcounseling for updates.

Use the PSST tool (THIS LINK) to report something anonymously.


The library will be open daily 8:30-4:00. Classic students can visit the library on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Virtual students can visit the library on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If your student is virtual, you can sign up for a time to visit the library, browse the shelves, and grab a book! With district guidelines for safety in place, please sign up for a time to visit the library using this link, and please wear a mask.

Device Coverage for 2020-21

If you have not purchased your 2020-2021, Device insurance yet, our only option at the moment is to accept payment online, through our school Webstore. Click here, then click on the RMS Webstore link, and select 20/21 Device Coverage-CC. You can pay with a debit or credit card.

Health Office:

The Health Office provided a Covid-19 hand out to the students/parents at the beginning of in person learning 10/20/2020. This is to provide the parent/guardian with guidelines the health office will be using when determining whether or not a sick student is able to remain on campus. It will also provide a clear timeline for when the student is able to return to campus. Please let the Health Office know if you have any questions regarding this.

School Nurse Contact Information: Lisa Franck: Cell: 760-691-0165 Email: lisafranck@vistausd.org. Please contact me with any questions or concerns. Please also refer to the Health and Safety Webpage for information: https://www.vistausd.org/healthandsafety

Attendance Matters!

Attendance is key to student success! Please encourage your student to sign on to virtual learning every day and on time. Teachers are required by Senate Bill 98 to take attendance every period, every day.

We look forward to seeing your children on Zoom and we want them to be successful with their work on Canvas!

If you have any concerns, please communicate with your student's teacher or with our attendance office (760) 726-8003 x63020 or yeseniabeas@vistausd.org


Check our RMS and VUSD pages and follow us on social media here:


If you are not receiving emails or communications from the district or from Roosevelt, please let us know. It is likely that the information that is linked in AERIES is not up to date, or your emails might be getting blocked by your email provider. You can check your junk and spam folders, and you can contact tiffanyequihua@vistausd.org if you would like help checking your contact information in AERIES. In these times, it is crucial that your contacts are correct so that you can stay informed. We are also continuing to post information on our website, on Twitter @rooseveltmiddl2, in our Facebook Group "Roosevelt Wildcats Parent Group," and through School Messenger calls, emails, and text messages. Check out the informative video that our counselor Cory Way created to help you troubleshoot and understand why your email might not be connected correctly.