Math Empowers 4

Middletown Township Public Schools

Grade 4 - Second Trimester 2018-2019

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Steve Wyborney is a K-12 District Math Coach. He has authored 14 books, including The Writing on the Classroom Wall. Steve frequently presents at conferences, connects with fellow educators through Twitter, and shares math instructional strategies and resources through his blog. Throughout his 23 years in education, Steve has earned numerous teaching awards. In 2005, he was named the Oregon Teacher of the Year. Among some of the rich, engaging math tasks that Steve creates are Esti-Mysteries, Splat!, The Estimation Clipboard, and Cube Conversations. Explore his website for more great activities by clicking here. All of his creations are super motivating for students...see your building math specialist for help implementing any of these great activities! Don't forget to follow him on Twitter @stevewyborney.

Graham Fletcher

On December 11th, Graham Fletcher spent the day engaging fourth and fifth grade teachers with hands on fraction activities. Remember to incorporate these activities as your students investigate fractions this trimester. Resources from the day can be found here. These activities will support students' conceptual understanding of fractions. Looking for more great ideas from Graham Fletcher? Check out his website, his library of 3-Act Tasks, his progression videos or follow him on Twitter @gletchy.

Division - 4.NBT.B6

Students are working hard to find whole-number quotients and remainders with up to four-digit dividends and one-digit divisors. Remember students are encouraged to use strategies based on place value, the properties of operations, and/or the relationship between multiplication and division. Students are expected to be able to illustrate and explain the calculation by using equations, rectangular arrays, and/or area models. The Math Instruction Resource Document has many videos explaining some of these strategies with division. There is a Part 1 and Part 2 video on using partial quotients to divide. There is also a video on using an area model to divide.

Equivalent Fractions - 4.NF.A1

Generating and recognizing equivalent fractions is a major skill for fourth graders to develop. Consider using an equivalent fraction version of the popular game "I Have, Who Has? - Equivalent Fractions" to engage your students.

Compare and Order Two Decimals - 4.NF.C7

Consider using the Investigations game "Smaller to Larger" to compare and order decimals with your students. In this game, students take turns to order decimals on a game mat. Use a combination of Decimal Card Set A and the supplemental Decimal Card Set C with your students.

Compare Two Decimals - 4.NF.C7

The Investigations game "Decimal Compare" is an engaging game in which students have to compare decimals. Teachers can use the resource, "Decimal Compare - How to Play" to model the game for students. Similar to the game "Smaller to Larger," students can use a combination of Decimal Card Set A and the supplemental Decimal Card Set C to play.

Orchestrating Discussions

Fourth grade teachers practiced the "Five Practices Model" described in NCTM article entitled, Orchestrating Discussions, with Graham Fletcher on December 11th. Try using these five practices in your own classroom. Remember, “discussions give students opportunities to share ideas and clarify understandings, develop convincing arguments regarding how things work, develop a language for expressing mathematical ideas, and learn to see things from other perspectives.” As always, “giving students too much or too little support, or too much direction, can result in a decline in the cognitive demands of the task.” For more information, or to read the article click here.

The Five Practices Model:

  1. Anticipate students' responses
  2. Monitor students' work
  3. Select particular students to present their work
  4. Sequence the student responses
  5. Connect student responses

DreamBox Challenge 2019

Let's make a New Years resolution to love math! We will kick off 2019 with a DreamBox Challenge, where the school who demonstrates the most growth will win the district challenge banner.The contest will start January 14th and end February 14th, which is Valentines Day and the 100th day of school! Check with your building Math Specialist for any building based details and incentives.

Danielle Seibert

Elementary Math Specialist