Say Yes to Chewing Gum in School

Karla Q.

Background Information

  • Can help you get focus better in school.
  • You can also get good grades.

Help in Education

  • This helps you get better scores.
  • Dr.Kenneth Allen a teacher in NYU's collage Dentistry has proven that chewing gum helps you in school.

Athletes Help

  • 65% of athletes chew gum to prevent getting stress and to help while a game.
  • 77% of golfers chew gum before a competition.
  • Chewing gum help athletes get calm and get ready for their day.

Help you with blood stream and insulin

  • Chewing gum leads you in a higher insulin that means stimulates areas of the brain.
  • Increases arousal and leads to blood flow through your brain.
Chewing Gum Stimulates The Brain

Take Action

  • Help fight for chewing gum in your School Districts.
  • Take Action and help us get better grades.
  • Make a Difference!!!

Start Fighting!!!