All About Me

Sarah Couts

Things I Like

  • Chinese Food
  • My pets (mostly cats)
  • Scary Movies
  • Fuzzy Blankets
  • Tea
  • Movies with Bradley Cooper

When I'm reading...

Often when I am reading I space out everything around me and create a whole new environment. I have to be very calm when I read or else I cant focus on what I am reading. For me, reading is a stress reliever. Sometimes when I am sad I read a book and it acts like an escape for me, like I am a character in the book and it is my life.

Activities I enjoy :-)

Top 3 Favorite Books

When I'm Older...

When I graduate High School I would love to go to London South Bank Uni and Major in Forensic Anthropology, and get my Doctorate. Then I want to work at the Jeffersonian in Washington DC.