Human Rights

And Why Everyone Deserves Them

The Rights of Human Beings

Earth is a planet that houses 7.142 billion individual minds. These minds are carried around in vessels called Homeo Sapiens, or Humans as the layman calls them. So, if we are all part of the same species, why should one person get more of a right than everyone else. You don't get human rights because of your citizenship, race, gender, religion, language, your social or economic status. You get Human Rights because you are HUMAN!

All Over The World

People are not equal. Women get treated as lesser being, being kept from schools and are given the sole purpose of reproduction. People with disabilities are treated as burdens on the family and children are neglected. We need to act and defend the rights of all human beings because we are just that, human beings. No one is lesser than another. But Human Rights is such a big topic, I have to take a smaller piece of the pie. So the basic Human Right I am choosing to do is education and why everyone deserves it.

Locations of Countries that are getting their acts together and standing up for Child Education

Malala Yousafzai

This 16 year old girl stood up to the Taliban in Pakistan for her human right of education and is now a worldwide speaker on the topic.

(Note: This is also my personal narrative on the issue, let me know if this works alright)

Malala Yousafzai Story: The Pakistani Girl Shot in Taliban Attack