Helen Edwards Friday Focus

February 5, 2016

Mock iPad Lab

This next week, we will have a "mock iPad lab" to experiment with Istation on iPads. Our students have adjusted well to the computers; however, we understand that there are still some concerns given the age of our students and location of the computer lab. In response to this feedback, we are going to try a new location and a new medium of technology to see if our students will respond better. As with anything new, we are expecting our students to take a little longer with logging in and getting settled. We are specifically looking at the basic logistics of having iPads in a classroom with tables (versus desk top computers in the lab) and to see how the battery life and charging will work. We are also looking to see if "lightspeed" will be a concern along with any ipads that might not run the Istation app smoothly. We will also take notice of how the students use the iPad keyboards since there is a separate keyboard for numbers which will be needed for logging in.

As with any new change, there are always pros and cons we must consider. Nothing is ever going to be perfect. This mock trial will help lead us in the direction we need to go next year with Istation and the best way to implement it. Let's see how this goes!

~Looking Ahead~

Mark Your Calendar


8: SST

9: SST, Valentine Pictures (students must be in dress code) / GR Workshop @ 3:15

10: SST, Valentine Pictures (students must be in dress code), Mock iPad Lab

11: Mock iPad Lab

12: Kinder Valentine’s Party / HS Field Trip to Perot Museum

17: Tooth Fairy Visit @ 1:00

18: HS Circus @ 6:00

19: Bilingual Make & Take

23: Kinder TELPAS Calibration in computer lab @ 3:30

24: Guided Reading Workshop @ 3:15

25: Pre-K Circus @ 6:00

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

February 3: Dawn Hawkins

February 6: Maria Cordero

February 8: Christy Burley

February 15: Kelsey Duncan

February 21: Deborah Webb

February 28: Mona Roberts

Pledge of the Week.....J. Harris!

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