Kaffir lily or Natal lily

By: Madalyn Dollins

Scientific name

The scientific name for the bush lily is Clivia Miniata


It is a bulb like house plant. It blooms from the spring to summer and it originated from the low altitude woodlands in South Africa.


The clivia is used for many different medicinal reasons such as muscle and uterine simulation, and pain relief. An infusion of Clivia leaf is used to induce labor and speed up contractions. It also helps treat snake bites and it helps with pain relief.


This lily contains small amounts of the alkaloid lycorine located in the roots . Large amounts must be ingested to cause symptoms of toxicity. General symptoms of poisoning are collapse, diarrhea, paralysis, salivation, vomiting.

Extra facts

  • These plants were named after the Duchess of Northumberland (Lady Charlotte Clive) who first cultivated and flowered them.
  • Clivia are indigenous to Southern Africa, meaning that they do not occur naturally anyplace else in the world!
  • Clivias will tolerate low water requirement once they have become established.
  • Most clivia flowers come in shades of orange.