The War Of 1812

By: Carlos Lee

Causes Of The War Of 1812

There were many reasons for the U.S. to declare war on great Britain.

Britain knew how to push our buttons.

These were some of the reasons they pulled us into the war of 1812.

Impressment-The biggest and the main reason was impressment. During, this time, the British were at war with France. Many British soldiers fled to the U.S. because of this British ships boarded American vessels in search of the stray British soldiers while mistaking Americans for British. This angered many Americans because their ships shouldn't be searched if they were not involved between the Britain and the Frances war.

War Hawks-The War Hawks were a group of well-known politicians that saw that war had been the only resolution to the recent problems with Britain. These problems included Impressment, Britain's alliance with the Native Americans, etc. For War Hawks war would solve all these problems and they pushed President Madison to declare war and with most of the country behind them, President Madison declared war. This was the start of the War of 1812

Manifest Destiny-Manifest destiny was the belief the Americans had that they are gonna expand west for it was what God wanted. Americans were previously angered by the proclamation line made while they were still ruled by Britain. This proclamation stated that the colonies were not allowed to cross into Indian territory to settle, but now that they were their own country the decided to move onto the territory bought by President Jefferson during his term called the Louisiana territory. When moving onto the land, there was a problem. The Native Americans refused to let them settle on what they said was their land which caused problems between the new country and them. With the new country overpowering the Native Americans they allied themselves with Britain for the help. The British sent weapons and supplies to the Native Americans which angered Americans even more and brought war back to the political table.

Andrew "The Hero" Jackson

Even when the Peace Treaty of Ghent had been signed(not yet ratified) the war still raged on including a very important battle happing in the very place we know now as New Orleans, Louisiana. The commander during the fighting and, the man who became our 7th president was Andrew Jackson.The battle of New Orleans was a fight fought by pirates, frontiersmen, and some troops. This battle ensured the ratification of the peace treaty in Ghent and helped Jackson win the election to serve 2 terms as president.
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Effects of The War Of 1812

The War Of 1812 wasn't a very effective war it was almost fought for nothing, but the few things it did was grant the U.S. as a proud and independent country that will do anything for our freedom, It proved even a superpower couldn't knock down our patriotism, Native Americans were weakened when the British signed the Peace treaty between them and America because they promised to stay out of any involvement with the U.S. This helped the U.S. expand their country west for the new growth of manufacturing in the young country.
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