Greek Religion, Philosophy, & Arts

By: Lindsey

How did Pericles strengthen democracy?

He introduced reforms such as persuading speeches, let poor citizens afford public offices, and the construction of Parthenon.

Greek Gods

Who Were the Gods?

There are 12 gods, or Olympians, such as Zeus; the ruler of the gods, Hera; goddess of marriage and birth, Apollo; god of music, Artemis; goddess of hunting, Athena; goddess of wisdom and war, Ares; god of war, Aphrodite; goddess of love, Hermes; messenger of the gods, Poseidon; god of the ocean, and Demeter; goddess of fertility. A city in Greece named Athenian was named after the goddess Athena. The Athenians built a temple called the Parthenon to worship this goddess.

Search for Knowledge

Science and Philosophy, Socrates, and Plato and Aristotle

Philosophers were careful thinkers, good observers, and believed that people could use their powers of their mind to understand natural events. Democritus thought everything was made from tiny particles called Atoms. 2,000 years later his theory was proved correct. Socrates was another important philosopher. His most important lesson was "Know Thyself". Sometimes people became angry because Socrates would often showed they didn't know what they were talking about. He was put to trail soon after for "dishonoring" the gods. He was forced to commit suicide by hemlock as his punishment. A lot of what is known about Socrates came from his one of his students, Plato. He took after Socrates and became philosopher and started a school. He then taught a student Aristotle who then founded a school of his own.

Greece Dramatic Arts

Athenians were the first people to write dramas. They would use masks to become more then one character. A lot of their acts were tragedies and consisted of the main character being destroyed when they were forced to make impossible choices. Usually, there were scenes where chorus' chanted or sang poems to give the scene a different mood. This was also used to give important background information.

How did Greeks Use the Dramatic Ats in Their Lives?

Arts were used as entertainment. Comedy was brought to Greece in 400 B.C. and gradually became more popular. Drama and comedy became huge in Athenian. Arts were a main priority to the Athenians.

The Parthenon

The Parthenon was a main part of Greek religion; it was a temple constructed by Pericles to rebuild Athens and worship the goddess Athena. Inside the glorious temple lay a breath- taking statue of Athena. This amazing statue was made from wood, ivory, and gold. The statue raises 40 feet which is as long s a four- story building.

What I Liked

I liked learning about the different gods and goddesses. I like how the Greeks came up with different kind of gods.

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