Desert Tour

Join our tour to the Sahara desert

Come see the desert.

The desert is one of the most interesting places to visit. With hot air balloon rides, camel trips, and off-roading. Come with us and see the desert.

What it is like there


The weather in the desert is very interesting. It is very high temperatures in the day and freezing temperatures at night. This is due to the lack of moisture in the air. Because of the very high temperatures it is important to drink a lot of water. There are occasional dust storms which can be very scary and dangerous.

Where to go

The tour begins in Nouakchott and you will check in at the our headquarters on 1712 1st street in downtown Nouakchott. Please check in the day/night before in order for us to be prepared and so you will be ready.

The tour

During our tour you will be taken first by jeep to a small town in the middle of the desert. You will stay one night there and then continue to a more private area by will be able to stop at a few stops throughout the way with great views and shade. Your camel trip will come to an end at a little community that has a small building for you to stay the night in. This is also where the hot air balloon rides are. It is an additional price to ride the hot air balloons and need to be purchased in advance. Your tour will conclude in the next city 10 miles from here Akjoujt.

Be prepared

What to bring

In the desert you need to be prepared. You will need to bring lots of water. Water will also be provided at each stop.

Bring a warm sleeping bag and some warm clothes because it gets very cold at night.

You will also need sunscreen and SPF blocking clothes. This will protect you from harmful sun rays.


Sturdy lightweight shoes


first aid kit



If your lucky you may get the chance to see some amazing and interesting animals.

These include snakes, lizards, birds, abd scorpions.


The plants that grow in the desert are astonishing. They grow very slowly and grow and survive without much water. Some of these plants are cactuses and chollas.