Native cultures of Micronesia -Maddox

Where do they live?

Micronesians live in the islands of Micronesia,

which is part of Oceana.

From where did they come?

Micronesians came from Taiwan.

Historical facts

Some Micronesian places became the T.T.P.I (Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands) in 1947.

(Didunculus strigirostris picture)

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Fun Facts

The T.T.P.I. is independent, but the U.S.A is responsible for their protection.

Most Micronesian islands are uninhabited.

Summary of what I have learned from this research.

Over all I learned a lot about Micronesia, which is a place I knew little about. The natives of Micronesia are an interesting group to research. I learned many facts, but the three that I found most interesting were that there are pigeons there, a dog faced water snake and that there are 300+ islands there. Knowing what I do now about these people, I would want to learn more about their sea life and animals because I like animals and sea life.