Panther Pride

Norfolk Junior High

By: Haley Storovich

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Dogs and Puppies

Did you know that Hitler had a dog and used it for something? Her name was Blondie and she made sure cyanide capsules were lethal. In this article, you will find out more than you would ever want to know about dogs and puppies. First, are the basics, when it comes to puppies, no animal can compare to the fuzzy fur ball that rolls around all over and gets into things. Did you know that there are dogs of all shapes and sizes? Even though, you may have your favorites, the number one cutest puppy is a husky puppy and number ten on the list is the pug puppy. Although all puppies are adorable in every way, the worlds’ cutest dog is a pomeranian named Boo. One way to know if your little angel is healthy is to feel its nose. If it is wet your puppy is healthy!

Puppies are the friendliest household pets and man’s best friend, and they come in many sizes. If you want to impress your friends, or just for fun, you can teach dogs tricks. It is better to start when they are puppies, because then, they will know how to do some neat tricks that you taught them when they are older. Some neat tricks you can teach your puppy include roll over, speak, lie down, focus, sit, stand, crawl, fetch, and bow. You may notice that your dogs already do this after a nap or to stretch, but you can teach them to do this on your command. Female dogs can weigh up to 110 pounds and male dogs can weigh up to 150 pounds. The amount a female dog can have depends on the breed, usually smaller dogs have less puppies and bigger dogs have more. What are dogs favorite food? Human food of course! Although, it is causes stomach problems and even could develop diseases, they can't help gobbling down anything that falls from the table onto the floor. The worlds oldest known dog lived up to 29 years and 5 months, his name was Bluey.


Some interesting facts that will amaze you!

First, Hitler had a dog and its name was Blondie he used it to make sure cyanide capsules were lethal. He later used one of them to commit suicide, after he saw that it worked on his dog, Blondie. Only two dogs survived the sinking of the titanic. Also, the first dog to fly in space was named Laika, and it flew on the Russian satellite Sputnik 2, but it was a one way trip as it burned up in the earth’s atmosphere. One more famous dog is named Balto, and he was the team leader of a pack of huskies that carried the diphtheria serum to Nome in 1925 at 650 miles. An unrecognized, rare breed that dates back from antique Japan is the shikoku. Its coat is usually brindle and red and black. In Conclusion, puppies have a part in history, and are fun, lovable creatures.

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Despicable Me 2

Do you like comedy and action all rolled up in one fantastic movie? In the movie Despicable Me 2, the main actors/actresses are Steve Carell-Gru, Kristen Wiig-Lucy, and Benjamin Bratt-El Macho. The settings in the movie are, The AVL(Anti Villain League), Gru’s House, and the marketplace. The movie was made in 2013. It is rated PG and the themes of the movie are follow your heart and family is really important. I loved it because I love minions, especially Dave, and it had a good message of going with your heart and following where it takes you. In Despicable Me 2 an arctic laboratory was stolen with serum that would change any animal into a purple beast. So the AVL steps in to help get it back by having Lucy kidnap Gru to help them because he was a former villain and he could help them think like one. So they started by teaming up Lucy and Gru to try and figure out who committed the crime, meanwhile Margo has a crush on this boy and Gru doesn’t like it one bit. He immediately says to put the boy’s father, who reminded Gru of El Macho, and his son in jail right away, but nobody believes him. El Macho was a villain and he “died” while being strapped to a rocket and a shark and blasted into a volcano. Gru still thinks the guy who looked a lot like El Macho and his son took the purple serum but still nobody in the AVL believes him. After almost all of the minions have been captured by the mysterious force that took away the laboratory, they find out that El Macho really was the one who did it, but all of the, purple, evil minions are against him. Wait, there is one more purple monster, El Macho! He drinks the serum and he turns purple too! Will Gru be able to stop El Macho and his army of purple minions? I recommend this film to everyone who loves minions, and has watched the original Despicable Me.

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Despicable Me 2 - Trailer (HD)

A Catty Problem

One windy and chilly Tuesday on September 28,1997, in Scratch City, Nevada, there was a tragic incident that involved three little kittens and their lost mittens. Katie, Gregory, and Emma Smith were picking some ripe tomatoes from their mother’s garden, with their mittens off, so that they wouldn't get tomato juice on them, and so that their mother, Sasha, could make some of her famous salsa. Then as their mother was watching the news, a tornado popped up on the screen and warned her that there was a tornado coming in their area. Sasha quickly called the three little kittens in a rush, and they raced in forgetting all about their mittens. As they were in their cozy, safe basement, a knitting commercial came on, and it reminded them of their mittens. They started mewling to their mother that they forgot their mittens outside and she said,” You naughty kittens you shall have no pie tonight!” After the tornado passed, they all went upstairs and ate their food in silence. Stripes, their dad, came home from work, and he asked, “Why all the sad faces?”

Emma told him that they lost their mittens, and they couldn't have any pie for dessert. Stripes said, “Oh that's too bad.”

That night, as the kittens lay in bed, they dreamt about the pie and about their lost mittens. In the morning, they woke up with new mittens laying on their bed, while Sasha was making a pie in the kitchen.

“Mama, Mama!” the kittens cried. Their mother asked them what they were dying to tell her, and they said they found new mittens on their bed.

“Oh you are such good kittens you found your mittens! Now you may have some pie!”

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An Autobiography of Haley Smith

Haley Smith was recognized as a life saving marine biologist. Yesterday morning a dolphin got tangled in a net and Haley was the first person that they called. She dove into the water and untangled the net from around Zuba, the dolphin, but unfortunately the dolphin was exhausted from trying to wiggle its way free from the fishing net, and Haley had to pull her up from the water and lay her down on Mission Beach. Haley is married to Asher Smith and they have four children, Emma, Elijah, Katie, and Austin. She went to Norfolk Senior High School and was part of the yearbook and she played in the band and orchestra. Her first job was a worker at Dairy Queen. She attended college at Phoenix University and she majored in marine biology. She currently lives in San Diego, California, near the beach, and her hobbies include walking around the block with her husband, scrapbooking, and spending time with her family. Haley is currently a marine biologist and she owns a bakery with her sister. Her plans for the future are to seize the day. She plans on keeping her degree and not earning another one, she will also keep her job as a marine biologist. Her favorite place that she would like to travel would be Germany because her Great Grandmother grew up there, was born there, and she has always wanted to go there. She also looks like she did when she was twenty, thin and stylish! As you can see Mrs. Haley Smith is a life saving, caring, fun person.